Beach weddings are designed to be fun, carefree affairs. The prospect of all your family and friends celebrating together amongst a beach scene backdrop of glorious white sand and the waves crashing on the beach is just bliss. One of the really great things about getting married at the beach is that it can save you some money, you won't need a separate honeymoon, for instance, you will only need to spend decors like nautical signs for sale, which you can buy online with the sea as your backdrop. That means you can spend a bit more money on making your day fun; here are 5 ideas to help you out.

Starfish favours

When you decide on a beach wedding, you really need to embrace the theme. That means that you should follow it through in all aspects of your big day, including the favours. There's no need to give traditional wedding favours such as sugared almonds; take inspiration from your wedding destination and give starfish favours. You could make them into bookmarks or just little trinkets; it's completely up to you.

Seashell escort cards

Help your guests find their place at your wedding table with cute seashell escort cards. You could make your own, there is plenty of inspiration to be found online, or you could choose to purchase some that are already made for you. Pre-made ones will certainly help you deal with the stresses of preparing for your big day. Plus, not having to make your own would give you more time to work through our list of things every woman must do before their wedding day.

Lantern lighting

Imagine watching the sunset with your guests while you are all on the beach; it will be a completely magical moment. There will also be no need for any best beach hats for women. The problem is, once the sun has gone down, there isn't much lighting on the beach. You can remedy this, though, by introducing some lanterns. They will look incredibly pretty and also will give you enough light to let your party last into the small hours.

Seashell bouquet

Why not match your beach wedding attire with a seashell bouquet? They are incredibly unique and will certainly give all of your guests something to talk about. They can be made to match any colour theme, and they will last and last, meaning you will be able to cherish the bouquet from your big day forever. With a little bit of effort, you can even make your own, saving yourself some money.

Surfboard ceremony sign

Why not welcome everyone to your ceremony with a surfboard ceremony sign? Make sure everybody knows your order of service and timings of your wedding by having it printed up onto a sign that resembles a surfboard. It will provide a comic twist for your family and friends whilst also ensuring they have all the important information they need about your ceremony. You could take the surfboard theme even further; how about surfboard-shaped menus, seating plans or even your cake? Surfboards and beaches go hand in hand; why not embrace this as part of your wedding?