Getting piercing, be it snakes and earrings, cute heart earrings, or red hoop earrings, can be exciting. With that said, some people are a little too excited for their first piercing, and they end up getting a piercer who isn’t so great. Here are a few things to look for. 

Good Reviews

Here’s an obvious one. Read some reviews of the business you’re interested in. Some customers will talk about their experience and even post pictures of their beautiful cherry kiss earrings or butterfly earrings.

Of course, no matter how good the business is, there are going to be negative reviews. A good business will respond to them, or they will be in the minority.

Are They Sanitized?

When you visit the place, before you get aesthetic earrings, make sure their place is nice and clean. In the COVID-19 world, you may look for a studio where the people are wearing masks and social distancing guidelines are established.

The piercer should also have an autoclave, which is a device used to sanitize equipment. Make sure the piercer has it. Ask if you have to.

Finally, the studio should have spore tests regularly. This is something else that you should ask for if possible. A good piercer will show you the tests.

Are they Licensed?

Before you buy those cherry earrings and get a piercing, make sure the studio has their license, and the piercer is also qualified. A good business or piercer will show you their license, while someone who is unlicensed may get a little defensive. 

Do They Have a Portfolio?
Reading customer reviews that show their piercings can be good, but a good piercer will have a portfolio they will be happy to show you. You should see all kinds of piercings, from neon earrings to pink earrings, in the portfolio. It can give you a better insight into what to expect.

Once again, a good piercer will show you this, while someone who is suspicious will get annoyed you want a portfolio.
Is the Price too Good to Be True?

Piercers will offer discounts and deals all the time, but if a piercer is suspiciously lower than the competition, then this can be a concern. A good piercer knows they have to charge a little more for those mini hoop earrings or baby hoop earrings. Someone who is charging little either doesn’t value themselves or they are questionable. 

After you get your bee earrings, the piercer should give you aftercare guidelines. As one knows, there is a healing process, which can last for a few weeks. A good piercer will give you detailed, yet easy to understand, instructions, while one who is not so good won’t care about your aftercare procedure.


With a piercing, it’s good to be a little picky. Don’t be afraid to ask some questions if you must. Don’t think you’re being nosy; your ears deserve only the best. Good luck with your first piercing.