Atlanta is a good spot for a mini-vacation, but with stuff to do; the big town can be overwhelming. Its famous attractions, lively arts scene, music, and scenic landscapes are just a few of the reasons to visit. Such a form of dominance often has a drawback-there is less than ideal road pollution to put it lightly. As a filming location for marvel films and backdrop for hit Television shows like Atlanta, The Walking Dead and Stranger Things, Atlanta is also becoming a production center for the prospering movie industry in Georgia.

Here is a list down which carries all the important things you need to do when you visit Atlanta:

Sky view Atlanta

This is the first thing we would actually suggest you do when you visit Downtown Atlanta. Go for a fancy ride on Luckie Street's Skyview Atlanta Ferris wheel to get the perfect panoramic views of downtown Atlanta. The wheel is twenty-story tall, over two hundred feet high, but there's nothing nearby to obstruct the views. It's beautiful by day and spectacular at night as the landscape of Downtown Atlanta glows with thousands of glowing lights. This would be a wonderful experience for you.

World of Coca Cola

So we all know that Coca Cola was invented in Atlanta and if you didn’t know, well, now you know. You might label it a big Coca-Cola commercial, but the product is a worldwide sensation, so the appeal has been brought together with certain panache, and it shouldn't be carried around.

One show helps you to make your own fizzy drink, since the "Bottle Works" shows the machinery and procedures used in a full-size Coca-Cola bottling factory. This journey could be a thirsty job, but "Taste It" helps you to try more than 100 foreign and domestic beverages created by the Coca-Cola Company.

Elizabeth Street

Driving in the streets of Atlanta is one of the best things you should do. Elizabeth Street is the primary North-South route in historical Inman Park, the first neighborhood developed for Atlanta. People going through Elizabeth Street usually notice a butterfly featured on houses. This butterfly is a logo for the neighborhood. It has two faces, one symbolizes the past and the other symbolizes the future. You should definitely drive safely through these streets to offer any kind of injury. For any kind of injury in Atlanta, you should definitely see injury attorneys around atlanta.

Georgia Aquarium

When you visit this aquarium, you'll get to see species as varied as the southern sea otters, California sea lions, green sea turtles, big-bellied seahorses, all way of rays and a kaleidoscope of exotic fish such as sailfish, garibaldi’s, kingfisher, silver moons and discos. You can also enjoy a 4D theatre show in the aquarium.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

You definitely don’t want to miss this. For the love of flowers and orchids, the first item to visit is the Fuqua Orchid Center, which holds the biggest array of orchids on prominent display in the United States.

Outside you can see beautiful formal flower beds, like a rose garden, a Japanese garden, while there's a playfully learning Children's Garden and two peaceful woodlands.