Buying the best rimfire scope is not easy as just checking in with a retailer and making a pick. Different scopes work for different rimfire, the reason to be even more cautious when purchasing a rimfire scope. Below are factors that will ensure you will buy the best rimfire scope, a scope that will give for optimal functionality.

Rimfire’s range

A rimfire scope has a considerably short range.  You will not be using the rimfire for extreme ranges over 150 meters. As such it is unnecessary for you to buy s scope that has a bullet drop compensator. You will not find much use for the compensator.


Magnification and range correlate. The bigger the range, the higher the magnification you will need. Some people think a high magnification works okay for both short and long range, which is wrong. High magnification at short range deteriorates your accuracy.
You will be using your rifle scope for distances, not more than 100 yards, low magnification will work just fine. A 3 x – 9 x magnifications will give you a clear view of the target. A higher magnification will not provide for clear focus. You may end up hurting your eyes.


Rimfires are built to be lightweight. The idea behind that is to allow for ease of handling the rimfires. The lightweight frame also ensures that you can endure long hunting periods. Most rimfires weigh not more than 5 pounds.
Now, adding a 2.5-pound scope to the rifle is practically not good. You will end up throwing the rimfire off balance, which will make hitting the target harder than it should be. The best rimfire scopes are light weight.

Objective lens

You know that the parallax setting is not right by adjusting the viewing angle. If the reticle changes then you need to set the scope to eliminate the parallax. Parallax makes it difficult to hit the target spot on.
When using rimfire for hunting, you will be shooting at different ranges. While a fixed parallax may work for target shooting, it will not work for hunting. An adjustable objective lens gives you the freedom to adjust parallax, which makes for the most accurate target hitting.

Size of the lens

The big objective lens does a good job of collecting light, which makes for clear targets. On the other hand, too big an objective lens will just add to the bulk of the scope. Also, a large lens will rise the position of the ocular lens. This force you strain while positioning the eye. The coating on the lens increases the light gathering ability and reduces glare. As a result, you get clearer images.


The best rimfire scopes are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The manufacturer makes the scopes to be both water and fog proof. These are the scopes that you can use even when it’s drizzling.

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In conclusion

By considering the above-listed factors, you will get a rifle that will not disappoint you. Before this article you would have thought that high magnification means everything. Now you know better. I am sure you will get the best of the rimfire scopes. Happy hunting and target practicing!