In today’s world online writing is becoming popular in the society. As we moved to 2020 online writing has geared up with more pace. Whether it is article writing or an e-mail , preparing of an online presentation or document, everything needs to be grammatically perfect and correct. So to make our content more grammatically accurate we need a perfect grammar checker and correction app that helps us to present best of our content.

As we know that during writing we make mistakes, so we need a software that helps us in presenting our content without grammatical error. For making this possible there is a grammar checker software named Grammarly that can be helpful to us in clearing our grammatical mistakes and make our content easy to read.

We all know that only writing does not give a content a nice ending. During writing we are perplexed about the words , sentences, synonyms, grammar and many other stuffs . So we use proper grammar knowledge to write professionally.

While writing something Grammarly helps you to write perfect sentences, phrases and inform you about using proper articles , active or passive voice , verbs and preposition.

Also you know that very well if you write an official e-mail or professional document in incorrect spelling and grammar it could be an embarrassment for you leading to the flattening of your work .

So to avoid such condition you should use a necessary grammar software that supports you to write in a such a way that you complete your work without grammatical mistakes. For that Grammarly is the best software that tries to give a solution to your problem.

Now let’s have a review of Grammarly here –
Grammarly is an app or software for your browser that not only acts as a regular checker of your spellings, punctuation marks or any other grammatical error but also works as an online writing

,editing ,proofreading tool. It also helps to detect plagiarism. No doubt it is one of the most outstanding sources available on the internet for providing writing solution.

How Grammarly works?
You can begin the process by easily loading your text matter either by copying the text matter or typing directly into the review box. After that you can press the ‘Start Review ‘ button that gives you an option to choose your writing context such as business, casual or academic.

Then you can start the check and within a minute the list of many spellings and grammatical error appear marking in red color. After that you can either change or ignore the errors one by one. Moreover, it provides genre-specific writing style checks. You can say that you can provide more context of the content you are writing to Grammarly app by setting goals of your writing.

As a result Grammarly will make you aware and provide suggestions exactly according to that, making sure that your copy is appropriate for the purpose it is made.

Grammarly’s unusual features

Grammarly app has got some unusual features that make it more demanding. These are:

Available in free version- You don’t have to pay for it as it is free. By signing in you can begin it . In its free version it has got some features such as spelling and grammar check tool.

Easily usable- There is no need of special knowledge or training to run Grammarly .It is very easy to use.

Works as absolute content provider in social media- It can work with different social media postings such as Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and more .Also it is easy to use with e-mail, as it detects grammatical errors very easily and is easily adaptable with Gmail, AOL , Microsoft Outlook or others

A great enhancer of Grammar
Not only it detects grammatical errors but it helps in giving you a comprehensive description o f your mistakes that will be beneficial for writing in future. Grammarly helps you in understanding how to utilize relevant articles, verbs, preposition, punctuations, etc.

Consistent with all the browsers

It gives you extension that is compatible with browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox. If you are not having web browser extension there is an online editor option available In new version of Windows you will get Grammarly inserted with windows office for a regular check.

It can identify grammar errors easily, credit is to be given to its Algorithm made precisely to perform this task.

User –friendly

Due to its user friendly interface it can be easily accessed by anyone.

Paid version of Grammarly
Once you got satisfied of its free version, you can opt for its premium version. Based on survey many

users appreciated Grammarly’s paid version. It has more offers than its free version. If you are a student or a professional writer , it will definitely help you out. It has got a specialty that when a writer’s words and thoughts have difference’s then it sort out the problem and conveys accurate messages to the audience.

Is Grammarly as much efficient as expected?
Grammarly is a real time spelling checker. It checks normal error too. Due to its highly-functional design, you will get spelling errors and grammar error in real time. It all happens in a click. In a paid version you can access and control to the advanced errors, that is known as Grammarly premium. It also offers various flexible plans for longer terms such as quarterly as well as annual plan.

Grammarly’s Benefits

Its spelling and grammar checker is very fast and accurate. It is easy to use with a simple user interface.

It’s premium version provides a wider range of tools that help in writing

Final verdict

There is no doubt that Grammarly is a great app not only for improving our content but also for improving our grammar related skill. We have given you details in depth of Grammarly. We hope that you will appreciate our efforts. So hope you enjoyed this review.