remote teaching effects
At present most of the universities, schools, and colleges are being closed all around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This makes the world think about how to cope-up with the situation and restart the academic programs. But the fear of this situation doesn’t allow the educational institute to be open. So everyone is looking forward to the online lectures and usage of different tools to continue the teaching process. For this purpose, many online tools are being introduced to the students to continue their studies and the results are satisfactory.

With the advancement of technology from blackboard and chalk, we are now being moved to online studies. Such kinds of studies are named as ‘remote teaching’ in which students and teachers are in place other than a classroom for studies. There are many remote teaching tools available for teachers to adapt them for their online lectures. You can also go live or send them recorded audio of the lectures.

For using remote tools for teaching, a teacher must have to follow some of the steps that are essential before using these techniques e.g. 
  1. A tutor must adapt communication skills
  2. Chooses the best tool and stay with it
  3. Make a schedule/punctuality
  4. Encourage independent learning
  5. Encourage your students
  6. Don’t try to burden your students
The next main step is choosing the best tool according to your requirement. There are some remote teaching tools given below along with their specifications learn them and choose your required one:

1. Remind

It’s a communication app between students, parents, and teachers where ever they are. It’s a type of messaging app that permits the teachers to communicate with their whole class enrolled under the same code. It can manage 170 students at a time.

2. School loop

It’s a communication, content storage, and teaching tool. You just have to sign in to this tool and you will get interacted with all the enrolled students, assignments, calendars and reminders, etc. This tool can also be synced with Google classroom.

3. Google Classroom

It’s a Communication, Content Storage, Content Submission, and Virtual Teaching tool. It is the most used remote teaching tool all over the world. It's a little tricky you have to learn it before using but once you learned it, it can do everything for you. It is free and has multiple functions e.g. you can give standard announcements, you can done grading, posting screencast of lectures, posting presentations, quizzes through Google forms, and can also invite parents into the classroom.

4. Zoom

It is Communication, Virtual Teaching, Academic Stimulation tool. The best tool so far.

It is a leader in modern enterprise video communication, with an easy and reliable cloud platform for video and audio communication. Its an easy and very practical app. You can video online, calls, meeting rooms, and texting devices. Students can interact with each other host can also mute them.

5. Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a Snapchat app of the academic world and students loved it very much. It’s a remote teaching tool that permits the host to make ‘grinds’ to accommodate the video session.

These grids act like a message board where the teacher can write a question and students can give their answers through a video response in the next tiled grid. It’s an easy and simple way of communication between students and teachers.


FlipHTML5 is a great tool that helps teachers to create textbooks, PDF files, and other such study materials with page-turning effects. Students can access these books and study materials on any device and can connect to their teachers. Teachers can save their records and can modify the already available material. It allows teachers to share files constantly.

The user-friendly interface of FlipHTML5 allows both students and teachers to create and access thousands of files. Some special features of this amazing tool are:
  • Create flipbooks
  • Edit images and graphics online
  • Customize the look
  • Change skins of document
  • Change background
  • Add videos, audios to flipbook
  • Flip orientations
  • Navigation options
  • Add links and book information