teach English online

Many people are born to become teachers, have a true passion for teaching others, and find joy in providing their students with the gift of knowledge. There are other ways of teaching than just giving lessons in a physical location. Here are five benefits of teaching English online. To give yourself the best opportunity of landing a secure online English teaching position, we would strongly recommend becoming TEFL certified. The TEFL Academy offers a 168 hour level 5 online TEFL certification course that is internationally recognised and accredited by both the US and UK governing bodies. 

Teaching English online can provide you with a whole new level of happiness

Teaching English online allow you to spend one-one-one time with each of your students. You can customize your lessons and witness the growth in each child from one class to the next. The children are learning at home and in a place where they feel comfortable. They give a bit of themselves by sharing their pets, toys, and culture with you. You both become wiser through the process.

You get to spend your time doing what you do best, your job as a teacher

You do not have to spend your time attending faculty meetings, having to commute for long distances sometimes. No need to clean up your classroom at the end of each day, do school paperwork, or compile reports. Besides the standard application process, your only job will be teaching. If you want to teach English online, have a look at TheDigiTeachers website where you can submit your application. 

Teaching English online provides you with flexibility and location independence

You have the option to work from any place that you want, which means you can consider house sitting opportunities in your area, or you can travel, while teaching online. You will not risk losing your jobs if you want to visit family for a week or two. 

You can select your own schedule

If you want to save up money for a vacation, you can take on more lessons to make more money and reach your goal faster. If you want to take a break for a week or two, you can do so without having to obtain approval. It does depend on the company you work for though. Some companies do not have a minimum number of hours a week, therefore you do not have to ask for time off. Some companies have weekly minimums and various procedures. There are literally hundreds of agencies that you can select from that offers you the opportunity for teaching English online.

Teaching English online is much more casual than working in a classroom

When you work from home, the students only get to see your upper half, therefore you can teach classes in your pyjama pants or your most comfortable sweatpants without anybody knowing. However, make sure the top part of your body is looking professional and presentable and well put together. Also, ensure your teaching area is neat and presentable and you are using quality headphones and a camera that provides good quality sound and audio.


We hope you have found this article useful. As you can see, there are various benefits associated with teaching English classes online and is a worthy option to consider if you love teaching but want something that offers more flexibility.