Having a grill at home is compatible with meetings with family and friends and good food. The grills refer to parties, meetings, and especially roasts that great typical dish of the USA that represents and identifies us.

Roasts or any other foods that are prepared on the grill have that special taste of smoked, burned fathoms, wood, smoke, and charcoal—a unique and personal taste. Meat, vegetables, pizzas, everything is more luxurious on the grill.

And every great cook or grill knows that cleaning your kitchen or grill is vital and necessary since food is handled there and then eaten. Not only must it be clean when you start making. But it must be left in the same situations after use. Grivic may help you to read more tips on grill and accessories. 

In this article, we want to tell you some tips to make washing your grill a smooth and successful task.

The life of grills

As we know, there is a wide range of grills. A complete well can have a brazier were to light the charcoal, a drawer to extract the ashes at the end of the roast, a space for storing and storing charcoal and firewood, and even a clay oven as a compliment.

Others are small and mobile, and others that use bottled gas instead of firewood or charcoal. The truth is that whatever grill you have, it must be neat and clean every time you use it.

Before starting

First of all, we must know what parts we will need to clean our grill. And this is simple and honest: a good steel brush if we have a grill that is not tile, or a bristle one if it is.
Also, we are going to need: fire, water with a splash of vinegar and kitchen paper or newspaper.

The ideal will be to clean our grill once it is finished using when it is still slightly hot or warm, although it is also possible to do it later.

The process

As we said, ideally, it is to clean the grill when it is still hot, taking benefit of that heat to soften all the remains of previous roasts. Once boiling, we soak the metal brush in the vinegar water. Vinegar helps fat residue to shed more quickly.

We scour the entire grill well with the brush removing all traces of meat, rust, and any remaining dirt. Then we place the grill near the still-burning coals to reduce any bacteria that are there.

Another option

There are those who prefer to remove the part of the grill that is removed and soak it for a while in hot soapy water and then scrub it with detergent. Then it is evaluated with the brush or a pumice stone to remove the stubborn dirt.

Cleaning product

There are also, in cleaning houses, a specific product for cleaning grills that are used as the one that comes for the oven. It is an aerosol that is applied, waiting for a while before removing it with a damp cloth.

Outside cleaning

The outside of the grill is easily cleaned with a cloth dampened in warm water mixed with a little baking soda. Baking soda is an excellent ally for washing different surfaces, and it can be used to clean furniture, floors, appliances, and even clothes.

If your grill is already clean for sure, it will be your turn to get rid of the smell of smoke and take an excellent restorative bath. And once clean and with a full belly. This is the simple step we shared with you. I hope it will be useful for your grill cleaning.

Final Touch

There are those who, after doing all the previous process pass over the clean grill, a piece of beef fat or a rag with a little oil, to protect the metal and thus prevent the meat of the next roast from sticking.