Social Media
According to recent research, more than half of the world’s population uses social media every single day. And millions of people make money on social media.

How about you? What are you doing on these social platforms?

It is time you do more than just posting your TBT pictures for likes and following. It’s time you think beyond socializing and meeting new people on these platforms.

I’m not saying that you should stop interacting with people on social media or delete all your social media accounts.

What I mean is, think outside the box.

In fact, keep posting those pictures and creating more engagement while building an audience. Because you will need that if at all you are going to try the tips that we will share with you in this article.

So today, we are going to give you 3 proven ways that you can turn your favorite social platform into a money-making machine.

But before that, let us discuss the ins and outs of really making money on social media, shall we?
What you should know before Making Money on Social Media

Here are the factors to keep in mind before even attempting to make money on social media.

Pick a Niche

What I simply mean is, know what you want. What industry are you interested in? What industry are you an expert in?

Here is the thing; one of the secrets to making money online is to be an authority in your niche industry. 

If you want people to buy anything from you, you need to prove to them that you know what you are talking about.

And if you are all over the place, selling hair to them today, kitchen appliances tomorrow, and fitness guides the next day, it will be hard for them to trust you because come on, you cannot be an expert in everything.

Social Platform

Pick a Specific Social Platform

This is very important. You cannot be all over the place. It will be hard for you to track your results.

You wouldn’t even have enough time to focus. Plus, you will get drained, loose motivation, and eventually give up because a post needs to be published on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest all at the same time.

If you want to keep your sanity and make some real cash especially when you are starting out, then we advise that you start with a single platform.

You can always stretch your limits when your foundation is stable.

Build an audience and increase engagement

Before even you start to think about what products and services you want to promote, think about your audience.

What is the point of selling to the 4 people (who are probably your mom, your two younger sisters, and your best friend) who liked your post last night?

Research shows that it is mostly 1% of your audience that buys from you.

So building an audience is mandatory. You can do this by being active, asking questions, answering questions, and giving valuable information to your audience.

That way they will always keep you in mind, share your content and even when the time comes that you will be selling to them, they will remember you.

Have a plan and set a goal

Setting out to make money on social media without a plan and a goal is like trying to find a specific direction in a dessert. You will never get anywhere.

Remember to also set realistic goals so you wouldn’t end up getting discouraged when you don’t accomplish your goals.

For example, you can set a goal to get 5,000 social fans, make $1000 in affiliate income, and send at least 500 proposals to potential brands out there.

That way it will be easier to scale your progress and achieve your goals.

Optimize your social profiles

Upload a professional profile photo, have a catchy headline, state who you are in your biography and make sure you use keywords throughout this process.

This will not only add credibility to your profile but also build trust.

3 Proven Ways to Make Money on Social Media

Here is the real boner. If you want to make money on Instagram or any other social platform, try out any of the following ways.

Partner with Brands

If you have built a good following on any social platform, consider partnering with brands.

Make sure that you have used and trust their products and they align with your beliefs and the type of content you create.

Affiliate Marketing

This is where you sell other people’s products and get a commission for every sale you make.

Sign up for programs like Click bank, Commission Junction, and Amazon associates.

Usually how it works is that they will provide you with trackable links. They will know when someone purchases a product via your link and then you will get a commission for it.

Sell your own products and services

These could be E-books, Online Courses, Couching, or freelance writing. Whatever your niche is, creating your own products and promoting them on social media is the best way to go.

Bonus Tip

Be patient. Remember that no success happens overnight. Work hard, set goals, and be patient.