ecruitment CRM Systems
You want the best employees you can find to represent your business, and the best recruitment CRM system can help. These solutions allow you to sort through many candidates and find the perfect one for your open roles each time. They can parse resumes, organize candidates, show you your recruitment pipeline and prompt the next steps in the process.

CRM recruitment systems also contain tools to foster relationships with the candidates you’ve sourced yourself, not only those who have already applied. In other words, passive potential job seekers have their place; these systems are built to help hiring managers keep in touch with and cultivate possible working relationships with sourced candidates.

CRM Systems

What About My ATS?

An ATS, or applicant tracking system, is standard issue for recruitment. It does what it says: It tracks applicants. It is useful insofar as this is what you want to do, but it is not a CRM system. CRM systems have functionalities, like those discussed above, that your ATS doesn’t. And your CRM system can do all that your ATS does, but faster and with more opportunities for you to grow your team.

What Features Does Recruitment CRM Have?

The best recruitment CRM systems come equipped with valuable features that will assist HR managers through every step of the hiring process. For example, think resume-parsing to save you the time of manually inputting what comes from a resume. This can save untold hours of your and your team’s time, and lets you get to the business of hiring and cultivating relationships with potential hires instead of doing data entry. Another feature that the best recruitment CRM systems offer is a detailed pipeline which shows you where you are in the process of hiring for a specific role or simply what your candidate pool looks like.

Finally, recruitment CRMs will automate certain tasks for you, like emailing your candidates about a new opening, reminding them to complete applications that they have started or even reaching out to a candidate you recently interviewed. While CRM software systems offer many different features, these are a few notable standouts.

Why Are These Features Important?

Every single feature that the best recruitment CRM systems offer is designed to save you time on menial tasks and let you instead engage fully with your talented pool of applicants. This means you are quicker to hire, more familiar with whom you’re hiring and constantly growing your passive leads. These are all vital steps in hiring smart and fast, and you can’t do them without the best recruitment CRM systems.

Simply put, you need a recruitment CRM system to stay competitive in the job market as an employer. When you are competing with other employers for the same highly qualified candidates, the company with the best recruitment CRM system will very likely be most successful in securing the best people for their open positions. Naturally, you want to win that competition, so you’re going to want to have the best recruitment CRM system you can find.