Becoming famous on Instagram sounds really exciting. Currently, Instagram has over 300 million users every day. What’s more, it has a high user engagement level. For the case of advertisers, it is indeed an interesting time. Instagram announced that it’ll open business tools such as the capability to make advertisements from posts within the app, new business profiles, and analytics. With these features that are brand-friendly, it looks like advertisers may be keener than before to get acquainted with using Instagram for their business.

Nevertheless, whether you’re working on behalf of a business, or simply want to grow your personal account, read to discover the best techniques that can help you in obtaining massive followers and how to get paid on Instagram.

Use IG Stories

Whether you believe it or not, IG stories are growing in popularity rapidly to more than 300 million users daily. As a matter of fact, some users even reported that they love watching stories that scrolling through their feeds.

With that in mind, make sure to get creative with your Instagram stories. Bring your followers behind the scenes and then show the most interesting parts of your day. By doing this, you will be able to grow your Instagram followers with ease.


Your current fans should know you are on Instagram through cross-promotion. Actually, the platform makes it easy to share your pictures on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and even on Flickr that could be a good technique to obtain extra exposure.

What’s more, you can try embedding your photos on Instagram in your blog post or adding an IG feed to your FB page for additional discovery.

Run Contests

If you love giving give away, then consider running contests. Want some good ideas? Well, have users repost a certain image and then tag you in the caption. After that, ask them to follow you. Or simply invite them to utilize your hashtags on their own photos.

On the other hand, if you want to collaborate with other Instagrammers, give a loop giveaway a try.

Make A Posting Schedule

If you are not posting on Instagram, obviously no one will bother to follow you. So, if you really want to grow your followings on Instagram then consider making posting schedules.

To help you, here is what we recommend:
  • Add five to 30 IG stories regularly
  • Post one live video every day
  • Post one to two videos per day.
By following this schedule, we can assure you that you will grow your followers in no time. But if you’re too busy and don’t have enough time to make posts, consider LosFamos social media.

Work with Influencers

Another great way to increase your followers and money On Instagram is by getting influencers shoutout and having influencers do an account takeover. If the influencer has a massive following, it can offer you a shoutout that will lead to new followings and possibly some sales.

By simply following these tips we can assure that you will have a massive following on Instagram.