Employees Safe
Keeping your employees safe when they’re at work must be a priority for any employer. In addition, with the coronavirus pandemic putting all our health at risk, keeping employees safe whilst at work is more important than ever. We’ve put together some coronavirus-related and general safety tips so you can keep your employees safe at work.

Coronavirus safety:

1. Hygiene

Hand washing and hygiene is the best defence against the spread of the coronavirus, so it is key to staff safety to have hand washing facilities available. Try having hand sanitizer available, particularly at your workplace entrance and exits.

2. Physically protect staff from risk

Investing in the relevant protective equipment and screens is a great way to keep staff safe. You can get perspex screens to place at till points, or other areas where your employees will have to be in contact with the public. This reduces the risk of the virus spreading through droplets if someone is talking, sneezing or coughing. You can also invest in masks and other personal protective equipment for staff.

3. Limit contact with the public

Limiting contact with members of the public is crucial in keeping your staff safe during this time. You can do this by only allowing certain numbers of people in your store at any one time. Amending your opening hours is also a way in which you can limit your employees’ exposure to the public, therefore reducing their chance of contracting the virus.

4. Maintain social distancing

Social distancing measures have been enforced by governments and it’s imperative to abide by these rules everywhere, especially in stores, offices and other workplaces. Here are some ways you can encourage social distancing in your workplace:
  • In stores: have 2-meter markers around your store so people have guidance on how far they must stay away from each other and staff. You can also introduce a one-way system to your store so that people won’t have to walk past each other.
  • In offices: only allow the number of people to work in your office where a 2-meter distance can be maintained at all times. This may require you to spread desks out and work in shifts if your organisation is larger.

General safety:

5. Health and safety policies

In many ways, workplace safety is dependent on your firm’s health and safety policy. Having set policies in place is vital so that staff members have clear guidance on how to carry out potentially hazardous tasks. Working toward safety accreditations is also important to establish your company as a safe workplace.

Use signage to remind employees of best safety practices when they are working too and provide guidance if needed.

6. Increase security

There are many ways that you can make your employees feel safe when at work. From parking safety mechanisms to hiring security guards, you can help staff feel safe when going to and from work. Staff who cycle or drive to work are leaving valuable personal items in their vehicles on the company’s property or office, so should have trust that their vehicles are safe throughout the working day. Installing a CCTV system can give peace of mind to your employees and an extra level of security to your workplace.