We are living in a technology driven world where every industry has undergone massive change due to advancement. The same is applicable to the automotive industry and it is advancing rapidly, thanks to the developments and innovations that are taking place. Similar to smartphones that are currently equipped to accomplish a lot more than simple phone calls, the automobiles that are being developed these days can do a lot more than just drive and stop. Nowadays, the car manufacturers are working effectively with numerous technologies for producing the most comfortable, secure an exceptional vehicles out there.

Some of the top tech trends that can be seen in the automotive industry are:

Predictive automobile technology
Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are also playing a role in the auto industry because predictive capabilities are now becoming more common in vehicles for customizing the driving experience. Algorithms are being implemented by more and more car manufacturers for mechanizing the way a vehicle can be set up. Automobiles are now being integrated with IoT gadgets that can be used with smartphones for taking voice commands, thereby completely transforming the UI. Predictive vehicle innovation is also being utilized as sensors in a car that alerts the driver if there is any problem with the vehicle.

Automatic High-Beam control
This system involves the car being able to dim and light up its high-beam headlights, in accordance with the moving traffic. Cameras are being installed in the rearview mirror that can detect when the car needs to dim its headlights and when it requires more light.

Backup cameras

The addition of backup cameras has also become one of the top trends in the automotive industry. It saves the driver from having to turn back when they are reversing the car. Instead, there is a camera installed that shows high-resolution images of what’s behind you, allowing you to navigate your car easily.

Autonomous vehicles
These are basically self-driving vehicles that use different sensors, cameras, laser scanners, an EPS motor, and brake actuators for driving on their own. Google was the first well-known company to jump on this bandwagon and since then, various other automakers have also been working hard on making innovations for autonomous vehicles. Companies like Cortektestsolution.com are making testing kits for helping these manufacturers in perfecting their vehicles. This technological advancement could decrease traffic and reduce vehicular accidents.

GPS vehicle tracking
A GPS tracking system is designed to update the location of a vehicle on a regular basis. It has a lot of useful applications due to which it has gained significant popularity. Parents can use it for keeping an eye on their kids and it has also been used for catching criminals. You just need to have internet access to check the GPS location of a vehicle. The GPS device is compact and is also portable, which means it can easily be moved from one vehicle to another. In fact, it can also alert people if the vehicle leaves certain areas or crosses a speed threshold.

Versatile cruise control
Driving can sometimes be an unpleasant experience. However, advanced driver frameworks, such as versatile cruise control, have proven to be quite effective in taking away the stress associated with driving. This particular feature makes use of a horde of sensors that are incorporated in the vehicle and adjusts the speed to ensure you don’t have to hit the gas or the brake when you are stuck in traffic. You can match the pace of the car ahead of you and this makes it easier to match unpredictable traffic.