Male Grooming
If you’re a male and you’ve decided to start a dedicated grooming regime but have absolutely no idea where to start, then don’t worry as here is a full guide on how to get started.

There are certain areas of your body (that you may unaware of) that require extra attention and care to eliminate being that little bit extra smelly and hairy. But not to worry, with this guide you won’t miss a spot again. 

Use the right equipment

When it comes to the start of your male grooming experience it is well worth investing in the best equipment for the job and buying high-quality clippers and trimmers to get to those hair follicles in the best possible way. There are so many different brands, designs, and sizes to suit your needs and budget.

Turn your bathroom into a comfortable haven

Grooming makes you feel good, so you should do it in a space that you feel comfortable in and feel your best at. We’re not saying you have to light a bunch of scented candles and put some spa music on, but make sure the bathroom is at a good temperature for you to be able to comfortably stand half naken in for a while, and you have extra cleaning products and bath mats to make your life a bit easier. 

See your barber regularly

Make it a regular thing to pay a visit to your barber at they can get to spots that you simply can’t reach, such as the back of the neck and make sure it isn’t growing out of control. Form a relationship with a trusted barber that you feel comfortable with to organise regular visits and keep your hair in prime condition. 

Take good care of your male parts

Let’s face it, no matter how often you wash down there it is also susceptible to a bit of a bad smell. That’s where shaving comes into play. Get rid of those extra, unnecessary pubes which are just taking extra space and causing bad odor (this goes for your armpits as well). Just remember to handle with care and be very vigilant when using a trimmer in sensitive areas of your body. 

Clean between your crevices

Getting rid of access hair is just the first stage, now it’s time to make sure that you are thoroughly cleaning those “hard to reach” and sensitive areas that you may have once neglected. This is important as these are the areas where there can be extra build up on bacteria. Get into the habit of cleansing after shaving and finishing with a anti-chafing deodorant. 

Take care of your toes

Pedicures aren’t just for the ladies. Take care of your feet by getting rid of gross, grown out toenails, and make sure your feet and in a good, healthy condition to avoid later feet issues you may have to deal and unwanted odor problems.