As the beginning of another school year draws ever closer, you are possibly experiencing the mind-boggling decision of whether to send your child to a state school or a private school.

With noticeable differences in the quality of education that they will receive, there are numerous benefits of private school education.

Although more of a challenge to enrol in and difficult to afford for many families. If funding is possible, there are numerous benefits of private school education that can prepare and set your children on the best path possible for their future.

5 benefits of private school education

#1 Quality of education
Whether you are choosing to send your child to a boarding school or an independent private school, the first noticeable benefit of private education is the higher quality of education. This higher education is received thanks to the hard work and passion contained by the teachers. The teachers who educate and guide your child are trained to the highest standards and possess a passion for the highest levels. This can be seen in their teaching standards.
With teachers on hand to guide and support your child while they follow the curriculum, you can be confident that your child will enjoy even the most challenging of classes. Leaving school with a set of sound grades and a passion for continuing their education while pushing themselves to the maximum.

#2 Superior facilities

Does your child have a passion for the performing arts, or perhaps they are a natural born hockey and cricket player? When sending your child to a private school, another benefit of a private school that they will receive is the superior facilities that are on offer.

When you send your children to a leading prep school in Singapore, you realize the scale of infrastructure and resources they have. All these extra and additional support systems help in creating the perfect ecosystem for your children. They can play in the vast fields, learn new languages, pick up music skills, and get access to the best faculty members in the entire world. This will help in the overall or holistic development of young children.

Private schools are renowned for their sports facilities and their art departments. These can range from offering after school squash and cricket classes. While many art studios will feature the latest equipment, pottery wheels and even a theatre for students to get onto and release their inner diva.

#3 Supportive environment

When attending a private school, you can remain confident that your child is in a safe and supportive environment where they can thrive. Whether a private or boarding school, your child will be surrounded by supportive, trained teachers in their specialist subjects and pupils all in the same position as your child. Each child will be pushed with friends surrounding them, having their confidence built and their understanding expanded.

In turn, allowing them to master many different skills and pass any activity or exam with flying colours. This nurturing of the pupil can be seen with personalised mentoring and revision classes being established. Helping to offer more personalised and individual learning. Putting your child at the forefront of their educational experience is another top benefit of private school education.

#4 Improved confidence

As parents, nothing fills us with more joy than seeing our shy children blossom and grow in front of our eyes. When sending your child to a private school, you will be amazed at the change in your children, and for the better. One of these changes can be seen in the improved confidence that they will possess.

This improved confidence will grow and stem from many important factors. One of those factors is their ability to learn and comprehend multiple subjects and topics before passing their exams in that particular subject. Another will be the ability to prioritise and juggle multiple homework assignments alongside the array of after-school activities they are interested in. By being able to master and see the achievement of these two skill sets, your child will have more confidence in their ability and themselves. Creating well rounded and determined individuals later in life.

#5 Greater Opportunities

Although touched upon in the above four benefits to private school education, our fifth and final benefit and our concluding reason you should send your child to a private school is its greater opportunities.

Whether the arts and sports program, more individualized education on offer, and the sheer number of subjects and different subjects that your child will study, your child will become more educated and more prepared for life.

This introduction to a vast range of subjects and the ability to master and conquer many different activities can help give your child an understanding of what they enjoy, what they would like to discover further and what they aim to achieve with their life. Whether it is the course that they intend to study at university to their true life calling within a particular sport. This opportunity is only made possible by their introduction through their private education.


When it comes to choosing the correct education for your child, it can often seem like a challenging and difficult task. As parents, we all want to give our children the best education. However, this is not always the case.

If affordable and available for your child, we recommend heavily considering the benefits of private school education and the effects it can have on your child.

Whether seen in the superior quality of facilities, the higher level of teaching standards to the opportunities that attending a private school can bring.

Are you currently going through this same dilemma and struggling to decide whether to send your child to a state or private school? Both with their own benefits, making the difficult decision will come down to your personal situation and preferences.

We would love to hear from you and hear your journey in deliberating the question and whether you have found our article useful and a choosing factor in this difficult task. Comment below and share your experience with us and fellow readers today.