Best Companion During Lockdown

We're quite a few weeks into the lockdown orders for slowing the coronavirus spread, and not all of us are happy about the situation. But, many of us seem to be adapting to these strange times. One way to overcome the fear of isolation is by embracing technology to survive and entertain ourselves while staying at home. Besides movies and cooking shows, mobile games are keeping us sane especially puzzles like Sudoku. But how is Sudoku your best companion during the lockdown? Let's find out!

What Is Sudoku?

Sudoku is never-ending fun! It's challenging, highly addictive, and requires a bit of logical thinking - nothing too peculiar or mathematical. 

It's a number placement game that has only one unique solution. All you've to do is fill a 9x9 grid with digits from one through nine, so each row, column, and nonet (3x3 subgrid) contains these numbers only once. If you're just beginning, it might take you some time to grasp the techniques, but the pros may have mastered it.

How Is Sudoku Your Best Companion?

When everything seems to be falling apart - your hopes, patience, and happiness; puzzle games are a blessing. These keep you engaged in something better outside your anxieties. 

You may feel good-for-nothing with minimal commitments and shifting from an all-busy purpose-driven lifestyle to entirely different responsibilities. But Sudoku is a practical solution to keep you busy and motivated each day. It instills a sense of accomplishment when you complete the challenges every time. 

Since no one enjoys a life that's boring and aimless, Sudoku is an exciting way to give yourself a direction and better focus on the essential stuff. 

Also, to solve Sudoku free puzzles, you need to be confident and a great decision-maker. Taking up a challenge each day can fill you with optimism and keep negativity away. 

Moreover, why Sudoku is your best companion is because it's similar to life. The game keeps revealing itself as you place numbers on the grid one after the other. Sometimes you feel it's impossible, but then one right move and things start falling in place. So it's pleasant to solve relatable puzzles than feel stuck with something you don't like. 

Where Can You Play Sudoku?

Newspapers and magazines are commonplace for Sudoku free puzzles since the very beginning. But to make it even more appealing and personalized, these paper-and-pen puzzles are now available as mobile apps where you can take up various challenges to calm the rumbling thoughts and purposefully spend your time in lockdown. One of the best Sudoku free puzzles apps is by Easybrain, a top-rated developer on both Play Store and App Store. Their Sudoku free puzzles mobile game is quite intuitive has excellent gameplay, and is user-friendly, offering 10,000+ different levels for every kind of player.

So all things said, Sudoku isn't a game of the geeks. It can be anyone's favorite pastime to sail through the testing times with absolute ease. Play it once, and you'd not want to come back!