When you are a manager, it is important to have a happy workforce. The happier your employees are, the more they will enjoy coming to work. Not only will this help your department’s production, but it will make your job easier. Here are a few ways to have a happier group of employees.


When someone is assigned a task and does a good job it is important to give them proper recognition for their efforts. Whether it is a large assignment or something small, any type of positive feedback can have a lasting effect on their next assignment. You should not flippantly say things to an employee either though. They will be able to tell if you genuinely mean it or not. Also, make sure to include everyone in and don’t leave people out. If you overpraise someone, you may give others the impression that you are favoring them more than others. Try to be as fair as possible.


It is important to develop a good rapport with your workforce. When you have mutual trust, you can accomplish great things as a department. Many people do not like to be micromanaged, and this can be a difficult thing to control as a leader. As a manager, you most likely will have completed the same tasks that your workers are doing. This will allow you to add extra input or ideas that may be appreciated. If there is an understanding between you and your worker, you will be able to trust each other and work out any issues. This trust will often need to be built and strengthened over time.


Having a party during a workday can definitely bring stress levels down at the workplace. It is a time that is often looked forward to throughout the department. It is important to make sure your department has true comradery to ensure that there is a great employee experience happening at the workplace. A party offers different departments the opportunity to be with and meet other workers. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant party either. You could even have the employees bring an item in, making the party more affordable.


One of the biggest ways to get workers' attention is to offer a monetary bonus. Most people will react in a positive manner when told that if they work harder or put in extra effort, they can get a bonus. There are a few ways you can do this. You could make a contest to see who can reach a certain quota. You could give bonuses out to employees who unexpectedly go above and beyond the expectations. Also having a special prize or trophy for the employee of the month or year can also be an incentive to workers. You want to offer something a little extra. Even if it is something that does not seem like a big deal, if you make it become a contest or something special to attain, many people will buy into it.


A big thing between management and its employees is the respect that should exist between them. It is important that the leadership is in charge but can also be personable with those who are under them. It can be hard, and it may take some time to get used to it. As a manager, you do not want to act like a dictator, but you don’t want to let people get away with everything either. Once you let people get away with certain things, they will keep pushing you to see what they can get away with. Do not try to pick favorites either. Keep everyone on the same level playing field and you will not be put in a tough position when dealing with problems later on.

When you look forward to going to work, it tends to not be as bad a day as you might have previously imagined it to be. As a manager, you can positively affect the workplace and help make your employees happy and productive.