Today we are going to talk about The Nice walking tour. And we also see why it is so better if we could just walk through The Nice. And we will discuss some of the best places and things you can find out in Nice City. So, let us start our Nice walking tour.

Introduction to Nice France:
Nice is the city of France, and it is the capital city of Alpes- Maritimes, not only it has a lot of beautiful landscapes to provide you with but also the city Nice has a lot of tourist attraction. According to a study, if you would review, about 4million people come from all over the world. And they love staying in the city, Nice.

Not only has it been quite a good place to visit for citizens and other tourist people, but also we include many celebrities.

You would love to know that many celebrities came to Nice, and they also loved The Nice walking tour. Now let us discuss what something outstanding here is and what makes the nice walking tour special.

The nice walking tour explained:
It is indeed true that you can only feel the true essence and the love of the city when you walk by it, it is not just true for the cities, but also it is the same for any place. Unless you walk yourself through the place, you will not know what that has to offer you.

So, that is one of the reasons why we love the walking tour, and in this case The Nice walking tour of course.

Shopping malls:
Talking about shopping malls, you would definitely love it. If you love going shopping then, of course, you would be doing it on foot, right?

That is another good reason to walk you through the streets of Nice. There are a lot of people and historical places that you can visit along with your little shopping experience.

And vendors by the street would surely take your attention; they will not let you go by without giving you something.

And one more special thing that you might love about the city. Nice, it is the market of Nice. The specialty of the place is that vendors there first give you samples for free. And of course, the sample is made so nice that it lures you into buying more of it. And that is amazing, I think.

So, let me tell you more about the market places so the next time you do a nice walking tour, you should visit the market. Let me tell you a little bit more about markets in Nice.

Place du Palais de Justice:
Do you love books? Yes? Ok, then this place is definitely for you. In this place, you would not only find stunning novels and a lot of amazing books to read, but also you will find different antique pieces that you will surely love for your home or to gift someone. And another special thing is that you can find these things at a very affordable rate. Usually, these are the lost books, and lost treasure is worth finding more.

So, if you love reading, I would surely recommend you visit this place. You can know a lot more at nicefuntours.

There are many other markets, too, like the flower market, flea market, fish market, and gift shops; however, the flea market is usually set up on Monday.

So if you are considering a visit to Nice, then make sure you know it is all about a nice walking tour, because only then, you will be able to enjoy a lot.

Make sure to make a list of where you want to travel and then you can visit many places in a short time. And that is totally worth it.