Increase Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms that have seen a drastic rise in recent years. It holds the trust of 1 billion active monthly active users and has become the most preferred site for business marketing.

But, this popularity raises many questions in the minds of those who have just begun their journey on Instagram. They want to know if it is worth investing in Instagram. If no, how can they get real Instagram followers on a new account? 

Well, ‘no budget’ doesn’t mean you can’t establish an identity on this platform. If you share content that your target audience finds interesting, engaging, and unique, you can rock!

As for the answer to the next question, here we are going to tell you some simple hacks to increase your account’s value and get real Insta followers-

Focus On Creating An Impressive First Impression

The initial view of your new Instagram account is a crucial thing to consider. It includes your profile, description, bio, and more. The reason why you need to focus on these elements is that a new account doesn’t have any reviews, and is completely invisible at the initial stage.

Besides, your new account doesn’t have much content. So, the audience will judge you based on these elements only. 

Represent a clear message about your brand through your profile. You can choose your brand’s logo or a realtor as a profile picture. Write an impressive bio that describes what your page is all about. Also, use hashtags, images, or URLs that compliment the bio.

Choose A Theme And Stick To It

The next step on how to get followers on Instagram for a new account is to post unique, engaging content. As attracting viewers to your page is the very first phase of getting followers, you want to retain them.

Well, it depends upon the quality of content. The stronger you build this part, the better results will be the results. 

For this, choose a unique theme for your page. Select a color and posting scheme that matches your profile and stick to it. For example, if you deal with natural healthcare products, the theme of your account should include these products only.

Whatever the theme you choose, it should reflect your brand.

Follow Other Brands, Influencers

Another useful tip on how to grow your follower count on Instagram is, take advantage of the popular accounts or influencers. The reason why you chose to follow some accounts is, they have some relation to your business. 

This means, the followers on these pages also have something in common with your page. Thus, they might become your followers with much less efforts than other users. 

Also, by analyzing the post, tricks, and patterns of other users, you can improve your strategy and buy Instagram followers

Manage Your Post Timings

Now that you have created an impressive bio, consistent theme, and unique content, it’s time to post. Even after doing these things, it’s pretty common that the new posts get lost in the thousands of other posts on Instagram.

Don’t worry! All you have to do is to regulate your post timings. For example, if your target audience is teenagers, consider posting in the evenings or dinner time. If you are targeting the working professionals, 1 pm-3 pm (lunchtime) is the best time to post. 

As for the weekends and holidays, these days are for parties and outings. So, during this time, your post will get the least exposure. 

You can use Instagram Analytics to know about the hours when your users are best engaged. And, set your uploading time accordingly. 

Not only will the users get more engaged in your posts, but it will also help you buy followers for Instagram or get more likes for Instagram posts. 


Setting up an Instagram account isn’t as challenging as it seems. Just think the way the normal Instagram users do. And, combine your thoughts with the tips mentioned above. It will provide your Inst page the visibility and credit it deserves.