Slim Men
Image by R A from Pixabay 

Have you ever gone up a men's boutique to find a dress shirt, only to find out that their slim fit doesn't fit at all?. Let me tell you; you're not alone. Many men with very lean physiques often purchase slim fit dress shirts that appear lousy and baggy that's because it is based on an American standard. Guess what; you don't have to worry about that anymore because we listed a few stores that cater specifically to lean men, just like you.

1. Nimble made

On top of the list is Nimble Made, The co-founder of the brand Wesley Kang previously worked in financing. During that time, he can hardly find a dress shirt that can fit him. He got his physique from his Asian side. He is half Taiwanese - half American 

Buying dress shirts on well-known brands did not do any good for him, and going to a tailoring shop is more expensive. Because of that, they established Nimble Made. Their mission is to add a few slim fit sizes in men's wardrobe. They made their dress shirt based on height and weight that is something slim men would appreciate. 

2. Topman

Topman has a very reasonable price, and there are lots of colors to choose from. Topman dress shirts look suitable for people who have a slim or skinny physique. They offer a wide selection in their Small and Extra small sizes. 

You may also consider topman if you are leaning to a more casual fashion than fancy and formal. Their skinny woven shirt is best for men who have an athletic build. They have broader shoulders and a small waist. As for the extra slim fit, it has higher armholes and narrow arm sleeves. It will look like your clothes are hanging.

3. Banana Republic

The Banana Republic is an American clothing line owned by Gap Inc. It was first known as Banana Republic, and safari clothing company meant initially to sell safari-themed clothes. Their clothing line in slim fit men's dress shirts is famous for slim men with average height. That's because their dress shirts come with shorter sleeves. The shirt length is not that long, so it's all good untucked. You can pair it with jeans and just fold the sleeves for a casual look, and it also goes well with suits. Plus, there's no need to iron.

4. Uniqlo Slim-fit

Uniqlo is a clothing company that originated in Japan. Their slogan "made for all," probably because their clothing is mass-produced in every color. Their button-downs are very popular; their basic whites and blues are a go-to. The tailoring is perfect for men who prefer dress shirts to be very tight at the torso. 

You need to fit a few sizes to know what suits you, some men find a perfect fit but fall short on the length of the sleeves, but overall it's a good brand with reasonable cost and good quality. You can even get discounts when you buy two or more items.

5. Brooke's Brother Regent fit

This company persevered through the test of time. The Regent fit is an exclusive clothing line for slim men; they embrace the classic style of dress shirts. It is best for men with narrow shoulders and a slim torso. Their new measurement for the regent fit is shorter than usual. Their shirts are made of 100% cotton, so this is your go-to if you are not a fan of synthetic fabrics. 

6. Tommy Hilfiger No-Iron

Tommy Hilfiger is a great designer. Their dress shirts are slim, classic, and big tall. Their clothing line is breathable and 100% cotton. Their slim fit is wrinkle-free and has tapered sleeves. This is recommended for small and athletic build men.

7. Bonobos

Bonobos might be a surprising addition to the list, but they do offer quality men clothes. Their prints and designs are for everybody. Years ago, they released their Slim fit dress shirts, and men love it because it feels like you went to the tailor. Their regular customers claim that even though the fit feels very close, you can still move around. Bonobos is a brand you'd rather have than slim fit in department stores. 

There you have it. You can now shop for slim-fit dress shirts that feel tailored and sharp. If it helps, know your body type before shopping.