Today, it’s not enough to build muscles, make money, work to raise money or Dress well. There are lots of other parameters on which modern man’s personality is judged. Most importantly are skills that how quickly you respond to particular situations. 

Some involve easy ways to deal with a massive crease on shirts, shoes looking dull, how to wear a Parisian scarf knot and many others. Answer to these solutions is great factors to enhance your personal and professional career. Let’s know some other solutions:

 Essential Style Skills

What you will know from here:

1. Pocket Square Fold

A pocket square seems like a small detail but a powerful tool to enhance your personality. It gives you shaping looks and helps you to stand out of the crowd in full tailored suits in Sydney and tie. So, here we have a simple and quick way to hang pocket square:

-Fold pocket square to half 
-Keep the smaller folded portion at the bottom and another part on top. 

2. Perfect Necktie

Well, it’s a really hard for everyone to give a charming smile with dimples on face. But, yes these dimples are possible on your bespoke suit. You can have cute dimples on your tie to look more attractive. Wondering, how it is possible? It’s a simple two-step process. First, knot your tie the way to regularly tie. Secondly, right before you pulls to tighten the end to give fabric “W” shape. These cute little dimples look really catchy and make your day special.

3. Half-Windsor Tie Knot

Half-Windsor Tie is a form of symmetrical medium size tie knot. This tie knot is appropriate for both business functions and informal weddings. Its knot is smaller, therefore it can go well with point and medium spread collars. Here we have quick steps to tie this knot:
-Start with a wider end and then hold narrow.
-From neck opening cross wide over narrow
-And then make a loop
-Finally, hold the narrow end and push tie knot toward the neck.

4. Quick Shoe Shine 

Many people really wondering about this simple skill. Remember, when things come to accurate shining or polishing only a few men know the right technique. Rest follows the wrong one!! Here we have some easy tricks to brush your shoes quickly: 
-Brushing your shoes to remove all dirt and dust. Skipping this step means you are going to invite harmful chemicals to eat your costly shoes.
-You can use a horsehair brush to effectively clean shoes.
Then, use polish and apply on shoes. You can also use an old white cloth.
-Finally, use a brush to make your shoes shining. Always use light pressure to clean shoes to shine.

5. Ironing A Dress Shirt 

No one likes to do the ironing. But, proper ironing is essential to boost your appearance on every event like from business meetings to weddings. So, if you found it a difficult job, let me tell you the easy and right way to boost your skills: 
-Switch on your iron with adequate heat settings based on your fabric.
-It will be good if you start with the collar back to iron and then move on to the center.
-Flatten sleeves and then move on to the ironing board.
-Ironing will smooth your fabric and gives your shirt perfect looks in just a few minutes.
-During ironing, if you found difficulty with creases use distilled water.
Note: Do not forget to change the heat setting based on clothes fabric. Like silk requires very low temperature while cotton, wool, and synthetic material shirts have a different scenario. Therefore, read iron instructions before beginning. 

6. Folding A Suit Jacket 

A folding suit jacket is an art. It saves you from winkled jackets that you may be going to wear on the next business or celebrity meeting. A jacket with no wrinkles is enough to tell them about your personality and what you think. On the other side, a poorly packed jacket is enough to ruin your personality. Here we have easy steps to fold business suit jacket: 
-Turn jacket’s one shoulder inside out and put the other to fill the gap.
-Now, fold the jacket into half and put it into a suitcase.

7. Master Sleeve Roll 

A master has done his job by adding the latest restrictive folding techniques on your shirt. Now the rest is up to you. Your techniques and skills can make a natural fold perfectly to enhance your looks. 

If your shirt has crank up style on your shirt’s cuffs, it means it’s the right time to show off then by folding. The best part of your arms will move naturally. For this, you need to do: 

Pull off your sleeves and roll toward backward to expose to end. 
Always fold in a neat way that looks secure and clear. 
It represents how you care for your and other’s things. 

8. Parisian Scarf Knot 

Scarves are a little tricky to handle. If you are able to hold them properly, these will never make you uncomfortable but keeps you warm during winters. You just need to place a scarf around the neck to protect from cold. For a modern man, the way he wears scarves matters. It gives him a functional and stylish look. Here we have an easy way: 
-Choose always 70+ inches scarf with long wool to get better results.
-Fold the scarf into two half and hold the loop ended with one end and lose another one.
-Wrap it around the neck, you can either keep it as it is or put into the jacket.
-It will give you neat, warm and charming looks.

9. Way to Tucked In Dress Shirt 

It does not matter how perfect fit dress shirt you wear. But if do not use the right technique to tuck in, all money paid to buy it get wasted. Wrongly tucked shirts can make you feel awkward when it gets unstuck in front of beautiful women, business meetings or colleagues, etc. The easy solution to this problem is wearing shirt stays. They will just lock your shirt in a way that you will forget the entire day whether you tucked in or not. Shirt stays always connected with your shirt throughout the day to make you comfortable and confident. 

Author Bio 

John Cutler is one of Australia's great tailor in Sydney cbd. He has provided bespoke tailoring and shirt making services to discerning gentlemen throughout Australia, and across the world. He is also passionate for writing about aspects related to fashion and bespoke tailoring.