If you work in an office, be it your home office or your work office, you will find that it makes perfect sense to have a fireproof document safe in there. This is a great way to protect your valuables and any important documents that you might have. If you do decide to store your valuables in a fireproof safe, then you’ll find that there are many benefits to doing this. Not only is it fireproof, but also it provides an excellent lock, has waterproof capabilities and (depending on the size), is also portable. 

If you decide that you need one of these to help keep your valuable safe, then you need to make sure that you get the right one for you. This will depend on the documents and the type of media you want to protect. Once you have decided what sort of safe you want, you can go and get it. You won’t regret getting one, as they can keep documents safe in case of fires, obviously, but also floods, other possible natural disasters and potential theft. 


If you have anything of value in your office, it is always worthwhile getting it locked up in a safe just in case someone does try and steal it. Just because you have never been stolen from in your entire life, does not mean that it won’t happen. It’s better that you stay safe and invest in a secure safe to help prevent this from happening. You can’t predict when (or if) something is going to break into your office when you’re not there, so it’s better to be prepared. 

If they see that there is a secure safe then, in theory, they won’t bother to deal with it – particularly if the safe has a solid locking mechanism on it. Make sure you don’t get one that is easily breakable, or quick to open. It is worth spending a little bit of extra money just to make sure that the safe is secure. Anything can be of value to a thief – employee information, tax documents, a simple piece of jewellery. Don’t risk it, if you don’t want to lose it, then don’t leave it lying around, and put it in your safe instead. 

Fire and Water

There are many safes out there, but not all of them can protect against fire. If this is something which you are interested in sorting out, the make sure you get a safe that can withstand the heat of 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 30 minutes. This isn’t just a random time either, this is the optimal amount of time because by that time, the emergency services should be well on their way to putting out any fires that are going on. 

Not only should your safe be fireproof, it would also be a good idea to get a water resistant safe as well, in case of a flood, hurricane or any other disaster occurred unexpectedly. You’ll want to get a safe that can stay submerged for up to 72 hours to truly get the best one for you. This means that in the event of a flood, you have the chance to either wait for the water to go, or for someone to be able to retrieve it. Obviously though, getting both water and fire resistant safes are big bonus to help keep your valuables safe. 

Digital Media

This is something which you may never have thought about, however, it’s a good idea to store digital media in your fireproof document safe as a backup. This can save you a lot of space, as you can digitally save more photos, documents, and other valuable things on one or more computer in the office, rather than just having a hard copy. This can be an even more secured way of keeping all your documents together.You won’t have to worry about losing a piece of paper either, instead you will be able to access a digital copy whenever you need it. So, this is just an extra bit of security for you as well. If anything, if you don’t already have a fireproof document safe then it’s probably time for you to get one. It’s better to be safe, and not risk losing any valuable item. Don’t forget it’s not just keeping documents safe that is important, but you should also make sure that you can organize important documents as well.