Private Investigator
You need to discover the truth or protect your assets and interests, when you need a private investigator or professional surveillance in the city. You need the best. There are licensed private investigators Sydney so you will get a completely confidential service.

Sydney Pi are Sydney specialists, they are licensed private investigators and pride themselves on their professionalism and customer service as well as their private skills.

Why do you need a private investigator?

There are many reasons to engage the services of a private professional investigator in Sydney.

1. Catching An Unfaithful Partner - Investigations in Sydney constitutes a significant part of the business. If you doubt that your partner is not faithful, then investigators can help you get the information you need, including video and photo evidence.

2. Insurance And Business Fraud - Fully licensed investigator works with local insurance companies and businesses to expose fraudulent creams and protect their assets. Corporate surveillance in Sydney is a fast growing market and regularly supplies evidence that wins Court cases.

3.Child Custody /Family Court Cases - If you're probably going through a rough time when you are heading to family court then the investigator will get the information you need and will make sure that you are taken care of every step.

4. Locate Missing Persons - If an adult goes missing, the police have limited powers . The best private investigator in Sydney will find them and they might be happy to hear from you. But signal leading private investigators find people that don't want to be found too.

5. Background Checks - Do you want to run the rule over a person or a business before you enter a business deal or something much more personal? Investigators can help you.

6.Corporate Surveillance - There are many reasons for corporate surveillance including theft and simple due diligence. Surveillance experts watch yours at work and will give you a detailed report.

7. Counter Surveillance - Sydney's best private investigator has the tools to sweep for bugs and get to the people behind it. Most of the cases are life changing so you need not take a chance, hire the best private detective in Sydney to get the job done and you can get the information you need. In every case you can assure that the team of specialists are the best in the business. 

They are experts of Hi-Tech surveillance and old fashioned and they know the law. If your private detective breaks the law then you actually face a lawsuit that could add to the problems. The agents are practiced Masters at blending in with their environment. They have the right person for the job each and every time. The private detectives collect the evidence they need without any unwanted attention. The investigators know Sidney like their own backyard and use that local knowledge to their advantage.

If you require a private detective in Sydney then Sidney Pi works throughout the city and beyond so they are ready to help and they are waiting for the customer's call.