Burglar Alarm

A burglar alarm is usually a box outside the house, which homeowners install so that they can stay safe. However, a burglar alarm is not itself, a complete safety measure. Even though it can be used as a preventive measure, but it can make a difference for the homeowners. When homeowners consider making their home a safe and secure place, then they should refer to Kansas City home security system. 

Burglar System Types

A complete security system encourages homeowners to take extra steps, like installing different security equipment in their house. Moreover, there are different types of burglar alarms available in the market, from which customers can choose. These different burglar alarms include:
  • A burglar alarm which rings when someone intrudes, or stay silent
  • A system which contacts the homeowner right away, or contacts the neighbour
  • A system which contacts a monitoring station, or the police right away
  • A burglar system which is controlled with Wi-Fi or is hard wired
  • A burglar alarm can be effective, but a homeowner should always consider installing other equipment as well.

Camera Technology

Traditionally, people only had a camera outside their house. However, times have changed and people have now installed cameras infrequently used rooms as well. They not only do it to keep an eye on the safety of their house but the activities of young children as well. There are DVRs, which have sufficient space to allow the user to record surveillance from the inside and outside of the house. 

While most cameras are black and white, there are vivid full-colour HD cameras available as well. They can be so small in size, that no one would notice them. However, even though the camera technology is a good way to keep an eye on people, it is not an effective way to prevent a burglary or scare off burglars. When an alarm goes off, only then do the burglars start to run. 

Home Automation Technology

Home automation technology gives a client the chance to control what is happening in their house, through a mobile app. For example, if they install cameras all over the house, and then monitor those cameras using a mobile app, they can alert the police whenever they see an intruder. In fact, if the lights in their home are controlled by an app, then they can switch them off or on, to scare off the burglar. 

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors have become a huge part of a security system now. This is because, they are the most accurate when someone is about to break in the house or they open the door. Motion sensors sense movement, when they are activated and no one is in the house. If it is night time and people are sleeping in the house, and someone breaks in, the motion sensor would sense it and ring the alarm. If it is someone from within the house, then they can punch in the code right away. However, if it is an intruder, then the police would be notified right away. 

A burglar alarm, alone, cannot guarantee the security of a person’s home. This is why there are other equipment that security companies install. Kansas City home security system would install Honeywell Total Connect, which gives a whole new voice to a home. As long as the owner has access to a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop, they would know what exactly is going on in their home. These 24/7 remote services give the user total control. They are able to see what the nanny is doing with the kids or what the pet is doing to their shoes.