It is obvious that without a mattress, we would be sleeping on the ground or maybe the frame of a bed. When sleeping on the ground, we are exposed to dust and without cleaning regularly, it can result in severe health conditions such as respiratory problems and allergic reactions.

In some countries where the weather condition is freezing at night, sleeping on the floor may result in sneezing, runny nose and possibly trouble breathing. In some extreme cases, sleeping on a cold floor and breathing in extremely cold air can damage your lungs and constrict blood flow which can result in hypothermia. Besides that, sleeping on a hard surface can cause discomfort to your shoulder and hip especially for people who tend to sleep on their side.

On a side note, without a mattress, sex can be awkward and uncomfortable for some people. Yes, it is possible for sexual activities to be carried out on the floor but it would not be as comfortable as on a mattress.

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The Importance of a Suitable Mattress

A mattress is a fabric case filled with soft, firm, or springy material used for sleeping. Sleep is one of the important contributors to maintaining good health. Lack of sleep and poor quality sleep can result in high blood pressure, heart disease, and weakened metabolism, which then leads to weight gain and obesity along with other medical conditions.

On average, a healthy adult sleeps between 7 to 9 hours and which is a significant amount of time spent sleeping and hence the reason it is important to have a mattress. However, not just any mattresses can help to ensure the wellbeing of an individual; there are many different types of mattresses available on the market but not every mattress is suitable for any individual. Having a mattress is important, but having a good mattress is what makes the difference, and can help you greatly in this regard.

It is essential to have a suitable mattress because it helps to maintain good spinal alignment. Many people wake up with back pain and very often, it is caused by sleeping on an unsuitable mattress. A mattress should support each part of the body equally. Without this even weight distribution, the lower back won’t be sufficiently supported.

Over a long period, it can cause poor back health such as chronic pain and also affect sleep. The primary purpose of a mattress is to keep the back in a neutral position and ensure that the person sleeping on it is comfortable. Many factors affect back pain but sleeping on a suitable mattress has made a positive difference.

Besides aiding the back pain, research has shown that sleeping on a suitable mattress has led to an improvement in sleep quality which in the end resulted in a decrease in stress level. Sleeping on an old and uncomfortable bed can cause trouble sleeping, leading to elevated stress and anxiety. Long-term stress may lead to severe psychological problems such as depression.

Sleeping on a suitable mattress doesn’t just help to prevent psychological problems; it can also be a factor in improved quality of life. With quality sleep, memories are improved, mood can be elevated, and productivity is increased as well leading to a better quality of life.

Snoring is one of the biggest disturbances during sleep, especially if sleeping with a partner. The common causes of snoring are sleeping posture, nasal congestion, smoking, alcohol and allergies. However, many people do not know that the mattress they are sleeping on is the cause of snoring. Without proper spinal and head support, muscles of the jaw collapse resulting in increased snoring.

Why Is a Mattress Important?

In conclusion, a mattress affects the well-being of a person in various ways that most people do not think of, and the most essential thing involved is sleep. Quality sleep can bring many health and psychological benefits, and in contrast, lousy quality sleep can also have severe effects on a person’s physical and mental health. The cause of this good or bad quality sleep ultimately depends on the mattress that you sleep on; with the proper bed, your life is likely to be improved, and with a bad one, it can have a big toll on your quality of life. With the extent how which a mattress can affect a person’s life, it is safe to say that a suitable mattress is essential.