Keeping a healthy lawn is not easy. Giving your lawn a lush look needs hard work on it. Mowing your lawn in the right way is a big part of giving it the best look and healthy life. Here are some useful tips to mow your lawn in the right way.

1. Don’t scalp your lawn
Avoid scalping your lawn, Which means cutting your grass too short. Don’t cut your lawn more than one-third. Scalping lawn is just a kiss to the death of your lawn. Scalping lawn is vulnerable to diseases and weed infestation. Lawn having too short grass has a weak root system. Making it exposed to damage due to drought or high temperature.

2. Sharpen the blade
Don’t let your mover blade to dull. Dull mower blade gives your grass blade an unevenly cut, invites damages and diseases, you will notice a white or brown tinge that indicates your grass is dying. A sharpened blade gives your grass an even cut, healthy life, and good look. Sharpen your blade two or three times per season to be safe.

3. Adjust mower height 
Adjust the height of your zero turn mower according to the season. In summer, keep the mower deck at a height, keep your grass growing taller. As the taller grass gives shade to the soil, prevents weed growth, also slows water evaporation from the soil. In late autumn or a snowing season, keep your mower deck last, to cut your grass short, So that in short grass will prevent snow mold from forming on grass.

4. Don’t mow when the lawn is wet
Don’t mow when the grass is wet. It is always recommended mowing in dry grass because mowing wet grass will clog up in the deck of your mower and give you an uneven cut. If you have to cut in wet grass, use a silicone spray in the blade of mower so that it will not let grass stick to it.

5. Mow in the evening
It is recommended to mow in the cooler time. Don’t mow during the summer hot daytime. It will be a harder time for you and your grass. Mowing in high heat will be stressful to your grass and also moisture loss. Always mow in early in the morning or after sunset when the temperature is cool. It gives less water loss and rebounds it too quickly.

6. Mow in a different pattern
Grass grows up in the direction of its mowing up. Always mow your lawn in a different direction. Mowing in the same direction gives ruts to your grass and compacts the soil. Weeds love the compacted soil. To prevent the weed from thriving in the compacted soil try to use a new pattern each time you mow. A new pattern will give your lawn a new look as well as a healthy life to the grass of your lawn.

7. Grasscycling
When you mowed your lawn, keep the clippings on the lawn and disperse it over there. This is the best option for you. It gives you 25% of the lawn's fertilizers and saves your money also. These yard weeds decompose and give nutrition to the rest.