When taking care of the pond there can be many essential things that need to be kept in mind ranging from tips to equipment. so while talking about the equipment’s pond pump is essential that you need to be involved while taking care of your pond and give them an extraordinary look.

Pond pumps are the main part in terms of filtration and keep them hygiene, it helps to keep water moving and to remove any sort of unwanted growth and development.

However there are a lot many ponds pumps available in the market and hence while choosing one can be difficult.
How the Working Of Pond Pumps Takes Place?
The pond pump is said to be a simple machine and only contains a single moving part.
Talking About The Submersible
These are said to be the more reliable ones while containing all the electrical parts well isolate d with water.

The three different parts are
  • Impellor
  • that allows the water to spin and drive-through
  • Water intake pipe
that is attached to filters and clean the water before it flows to the pumps.
It helps the water above the surface and hence the water is also oxygenated.

  • The Basic Mechanics
The mechanism of the pond pump is simple and hence can be taken to use for filtration and other basic purposes. It has an electric coil attached with stainless steel and at the center of the coil is a cylindrical magnet that forms the core of the impellor and in turn is attached to the vein that keeps running very close inside the pipe. It is said that when the coil is in live mode causes magnet force to spin around.

The impellor that is attached to the magnet force while putting the centrifugal force on the water resp. and pump at 90 degrees to the pipe.

The speed at which impellor travels controls the speed of the water.

  • Filtration Process
The process starts when the water is drawn to the pipes and consists of three respective filters.

The coarse mesh is the first filter that catches the large particles in the water.

The second is of a much thinner and finer filter that catches the soil and dust in the water.

The third filter is made up of foam that catches the algae.

As the above filters get filled the flow of water becomes slow and hence tells the indication they need cleaning.

  • Aeration And Oxygenation
The advantages that pond pumps provide to oxygenate the water especially in the case of any fish present, this can be done by driving the water through the pipe above the pond surface level and allow back to the pond.

  • The Maintenance
While giving you the benefit of cleaning they are Maintenance-free, the only thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the level of the water is maintained to make the pump submerged and works properly.

So this is how the Pond Pump Works and can it can be taken into consideration if you are facing any problem or just want to take some advice on the same.