If you are looking for a spoiler, here it is… The PhotoStick is fantastic. Now, on to why we think so.

ThePhotoStick, as you can clearly see by virtually all of the photo stick reviews out there, is a fantastic device that takes the work out of backing up your photos. A device that works with all common operating systems, a simple press of a button initiates an automated photo transfer system that organizes, locates duplicates, and backs up your photo library like a breeze.

Why do you need a device like this? In short, because it saves you time and energy. You no longer have to spend countless hours going through your photos when it comes time to back them up – a situation that only gets worse the longer you delay the task because you know how long it takes!

ThePhotoStick also creates peace of mind. Whether you are a professional photographer, a hobbyist, or someone who just loves to take a bunch of pictures, the last thing that you need is to lose the photos that you treasure so much. ThePhotoStick makes backing pictures up so easy, the task can be carried out on a weekly basis with barely a finger lifted on your behalf. No more lost money and no more lost memories, whatever the case may be for you.

If you needed yet another reason for keeping up with your photo backups, here it is. Pictures take up a ton of space on the devices we store them on. 

If that device is the same on you use for other tasks (like your home computer or smartphone), filling up the internal memory of that device does it no favours. In fact, most devices begin to develop performance issues when the memory is filled to capacity. 

On top of that, you’ll end up getting a lot of warnings that your storage is full, which is more than just a minor convenience.

So, what can you expect from ThePhotoStick? You can refer to this photostick review to read about the many features in more detail, but here are the highlights.

One of the first things that you will fall in love with is the fact that ThePhotoStick is incredibly simple to use. All that is required is to plug it in and press a button. The device takes care of the rest and you don’t even need to install any software. Truly plug and play which is something we always like to see.

Another great feature is that ThePhotoStick is compatible with virtually all common media formats. Different device manufacturers utilize different file formats for photos and videos, and it’s nice to know that the photostick can handle them all.

Add to the ease of use the facts that there is no internet connectivity required for ThePhotoStick to do its magic and that the entire process is completely automated which allows you to get on with your day while your backup is taking place, and you’ve got yourself a truly useful tool.

No matter who you are, the many benefits that ThePhotoStick provides will likely make your digital life a whole lot easier.