Social media marketing is going to play a strong part in the up and coming global economic recovery period when the post-coronavirus economy arrives.

Small, medium, and even large businesses with huge economies of scale will need to revamp their social media marketing strategy plan once countries around the world come out of lockdown and begin to take the long road back to business as usual – even if that is at all possible!

The fact is the recent Coronavirus outbreak will be leaving many businesses around the globe on the edge of administration with a mountain to climb to recover from long periods of closure. Of those most effected are restaurants, bars, clubs, and pretty much any business connected to food, drink, and entertainment.

One of the only ways to get back on track for many of these businesses is social media and digital marketing Dubai. Already, there are plenty of businesses out there that have designed and implemented a brand-new social media content strategy Rather than cutting out their marketing budget altogether, many of these businesses have created a new strategy to keep customers engaged with their brand.

Some business owners are planning and implementing these strategies themselves as they have found themselves with a lot of spare time on their hands. Others have been hiring agencies for their lockdown social media strategy plan.

For these businesses, now they have fostered interest via their social media channels, they will need to continue their digital marketing well after lockdown has been lifted in their respective countries in order to keep walk-in traffic to maximum.

However, there are also numerous businesses out there that have completely shut down their marketing budget due to the uncertainty lockdown has brought forth for their business. They literally do not know how long they will be closed for and if their business will be able to weather the storm. Social med

Those that do manage to make it through will need to quickly and pro-actively get their social media marketing up and running as soon as they possibly can.

Social Media will be the life and blood of restaurants and bars that are reopening because so many people use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Getting their business out on these networks as soon as possible could be the difference between ‘survive’ or ‘fold’.

One of the most important roles social media plays is ‘reminding’ people that a business exists. This is all stems from a theory known as DRIP. The ‘R’ is a stage that reinforces the message being sent to the consumer on the social media marketing channel and it can also mean ‘Remind’. Remind people of the brand or remind them that the service still exists and is readily available.

With tens of thousands of ads running through people’s vision every day either in a magazine, on a billboard, or via a website visited on a desktop or mobile device, it is hard to stand out. However, if you see an ad on Facebook for a restaurant that you love to frequent, and it says ‘open on 1st June’, then you may phone the restaurant and book a table for the day it opens to treat yourself after weeks of lockdown.

As you can already imagine, the bookings that the restaurant gets from this one social media ad that was part of the social media strategy plan for post-coronavirus opening is invaluable. The same applies to all other businesses that could soon be re-opening.

If you didn’t think that social media marketing is important, then hopefully now you have some insights to just how bigger part it will play in the recovery of the global economy soon to kickstart hopefully within the next couple of months.

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