Starting on Youtube
Most people love to watch videos, and it might be through their smartphone or computer. It is a trend today that people enjoy watching videos during their free, and some people make it their hobby to stream different kinds of videos. Of course, who would not get entertained when there are thousands of videos that you can watch online. There also many apps that you can download to watch those videos that you want and one of them is Youtube.

Youtube is a video-sharing platform that you can download to your mobile devices or access through the web. It is popular with many people, and it has billions of active users. It offers a video streaming experience like no other app or platform can offer. You can watch thousands of videos using youtube, and it has many features. Aside from this article, you can also check this out to know how to download youtube videos. So here’s a list of things that you can do with Youtube.

Creating a Channel

If you want to create a channel, you need to have an account on Google. You can create a new account for business or use your existing Google account. After successfully creating an account, you need to put a channel name.

You might use your business name if you have one or use a name that will reflect your personality. With that, it’s easier for the viewers to find you and always remember that Youtube is also a search engine. You need to consider the audience that would want to know what your business has to offer.

Create and Upload Videos

For the fun part, you can create your videos and upload them to youtube. You can gather all the things that you need to take video clips, but if you don’t have a piece of decent recording equipment, no need to worry because you can always use your smartphone and still create great content that is useful to your viewers.

Just have the confidence and never forget to have fun while making your videos. Good videos need to have high energy, and if the audience sees that you are not having fun, they won’t probably watch any of your videos.

Creating Playlists

After creating some videos, you can create a playlist to group those videos into your channel. Even though you only have a few contents, it is a great move to put them on a playlist so that your subscribers can sort your videos quickly. It is also an essential step so that your content can rank higher in the search results in Google.

Creating a playlist will somehow motivate users to watch your videos because they will see them in series order, which makes them more episodic. Autoplay also plays a significant role in engaging the viewers on watching multiple videos without putting effort on their side.


Now that you have some ideas on what to do when starting on Youtube, you might want to create your content and upload your videos. There are more people now who are into vlogging, and it’s their way to make money and get famous. It’s also a great way to introduce your business and yourself to the viewers.