Videos to the Next Level

Creating compelling videos is the goal for anyone looking to share a story through the medium of video. Engaging content at its core is created with a clear story and compelling characters but having the right tools can make such a big difference. You can give the scene a completely different energy by using the best gimbal for dslr instead of shooting that scene handheld. With recent technological developments, now more than ever it has been easier to create dynamic videos. Therefore, today we are going to talk about some of the best tools that could elevate your work.

A Gimbal

When a camera shakes it can make a production look amateurish. There can be value in that kind of effect for your video if it adds to the energy of the scene but many of us like that smooth camera movement that makes us think of big blockbuster movies. This used to be basically impossible for a small group of independent video produces to replicate. Renting out a Steadicam used to be, and still is expensive though.

Thankfully though, the gimbal is here to help. This amazing piece of engineering can help you create those buttery smooth shots you have always dreamed off for your videos. Video production has never been so financially accessible. There are a massive range of gimbals on the market to suit your needs. Some gimbals can hold smart phones all the way up to a bigger DSLR. Which gives you plenty of options depending on where you are at with your video production.

A Drone

Another Hollywood classic is the aerial shoot. It can be a fantastic establishing shot for a movie or to really capture the essence of a location. These used to be insanely expensive because you would have to hire out a helicopter which was not cheap. Most of us are not going to splash out on a helicopter to improve the sheen of our next YouTube video.

This is where drones come in. They are a videographer/photographer’s dream. You can capture massive grand monuments, amazing landscapes and any other large space or thing you can think of. There is an art to it so make sure you know how to work a drone with some handy drone tips but with a few lessons you will be capturing amazing images in no time.

Drones open a world of creative opportunities that simply were not available at this quality even 10 years ago. These days you can take high resolution photographs and videos from the skies with drones that will give your videos

The Right Sound Equipment

Sound is critical to any video production; viewers hate bad audio. You can bet that if you do not invest in your sound your audience will be less engaged with your content. You can have the best images in the world but if you do not have great audio to go with your video you will be holding yourself back and limiting your storytelling capabilities.

A common feature a lot of videos is a voice over of some sort, so having the right way to capture the voice is important. Music can be a great way to inform your audience of how to feel about a part of your video, but the voice drives the narrative in a lot of videos. Having high-quality microphones that can get close to the source of the sound is the ideal configuration to clearly hear your talent.

Overall, having the right equipment can elevate your video productions. Giving you more creative options when you are in the conception stage. This could allow you to create some more ambitious video stories. With video production being at the forefront of digital communications, you want to make sure that you stand out from the crowd with a polished production.