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When business videos come to mind, you probably imagine things like new services, product shots, new available features on existing products and a voice over that narrates information regarding new products. These workhorse videos silently doing what it is supposed to be doing, increasing interest and subsequently, sales. But what if these company videos can make a bigger impact, using storytelling to reach your audience and connect with them. 

Instead of merely offering viewers a list of features and facts, the outcome could be surprizing. This is because when you’re engaging via storytelling, you enhance brand recall, and better brand recall results in advanced awareness and puts your services and products in a more desirable light. This is because the more an individual remembers your company and the services or products you offer, the more likely they are to buy what you’re providing. 

A more in-depth look at business video storytelling

What exactly is storytelling? Storytelling has been used since early years where humans communicate with each other. Video merely provides another dimension to the entire experience. Instead of bombarding the user with statistics, facts and testimonials, storytelling can be used for making your brand more exciting, real, and memorable. Telling a story often causes an emotional comeback, which is precisely what you are hoping to gain. A conventional marketing video often showcases the product, contains a voice that narrates what the viewer is seeing and includes figures and facts on the screen. Or it merely presents numerous visuals with type which can be problematic to follow. A business video that involves storytelling, however, can still present your service or product, but has a story to it that capture the user’s attention. 

How can storytelling be used for impacting your business videos?

Here are some examples of the stories that are used when talking about products and services of clients that proof to be effective:

Talking about a brand that could make a world of difference

If there is a good story about your service or product that can potentially solve issues or make the world a better place, why not tell it? Keep your story sincere and authentic.

Sharing how your service or products can assist businesses and / or individuals thrive

It a story exists that could be told about a service or product you’re offering that can assist other businesses or individuals to flourish, it should be shared. Just keep it believable, simple, and sincere. 

To gain even more authenticity, allow other to tell the story on your behalf

Testimonials are valuable tools for building trust, and prospective customers enjoy hearing from their peers. Just have a look at the success of websites like Amazon and Yelp. Enlist the aid of a video production company based in Melbourne to help you with setting up your video that entails storytelling. 

More information about why video storytelling is effective for businesses

Besides boosting brand recall, storytelling can also assist with bringing in more sales by expanding customer loyalty. But how can this be done? By simply engaging the viewer. Keep in mind, video is a visual platform, therefore putting up lists and charts containing numbers or features on the screen is not doing anything to engage your audience on a more personal level. You might not be able to get their attention and attain it. You might also need to add extras like animation, special effects, thrilling visuals, and other tolls to grab your viewers and prevent them from tuning you out. When you decide to incorporate text on screen, make sure you use it in a thoughtful, unexpected and innovative manner that can bring more viewers in and still convey the information you’d like to get out there. Avoid overloading your viewers with too much information that they cannot remember half of it. Always keep the information infolded around the story you’re telling, since you’ll come across as honest and trustworthy. 

How to tell your story

First think about what story to wish to tell. This is the most important question and one that must be answered before you do anything. The story you’re telling is what will be assisting you in connecting with your viewers. Besides that, your story could also give your brand personality and unique identity, while visuals can do the more significant work in terms of getting the essential information across. 

With storytelling, everything begins with an idea. Here are some of the essential questions that should get you thinking:
  • Do you want to tell a story which is personal to you, or one relating to how the business started?
  • Do you have a personalized backstory that you think your viewers might want to hear?
  • Do you want to generate a character that matches the target demographics of your customers?
  • Maybe you want to point out the stress points that your customers are facing?

Whichever option you choose, always follow up with a solution that reveals your service or product as the means to solve the issue. 

It is absolutely essential to stay authentic. The more you disclose, the more you can touch the very essence of your audience and the more they will start connecting with you. Viewers can see right through disingenuous and contrived stories and will quickly lose interest. Therefore, when telling a story, make sure it is passionately powerful and reveals to the audience what you are targeting. That is the only method to gain success. 

Using storytelling business videos for marketing your brand

Each part of storytelling that is present in your video must be related to your brand. While it is useful to have thrilling visuals to connect to viewers, you also want to gain specific results and actions from the individuals that are watching the video. It can be a tricky process;however, you do not have to do it all by yourself. Business videos is a co-operative process, and there are experienced professionals available to guide you through every step of the process, read this article for more details.