With the coronavirus pandemic spreading across the globe, businesses are closing, people are falling sick, and hospital staff are working around the clock. During these uncertain times, the world may seem like a scary place. No one knows when a vaccine will be created, when the economy will open back up, and when we can feel safe going about our normal routine.

However, as Mr. Rogers said, when he saw scary things in the news, he would look for the helpers. This quote is just as true today as it was back then, and people across the globe are coming up with unique ways to help one another. Take a look at five ways businesses are helping others during these difficult times below.

1. Offering free subscriptions

With many people forced to work from home, learn from their bedroom, and look for jobs after being laid off, companies are finding ways to help them make the most of their time while quarantining themselves. Take a look at some free subscriptions you can take advantage of during these unprecedented times:

  • Loom: This video recording service is offering their pro version for free to teachers and k-12 students and universities as they navigate ways to learn from home.
  • LinkedIn: For those looking to hone their skills in a variety of industries, you can take advantage of sixteen of LinkedIn’s online courses they are offering for free.
  • Adobe: Until May 31, 2020, Adobe is offering a free version of their Creative Cloud apps to teachers, students, and universities.
  • Meero: To help other businesses who are now working remotely, Meero is offering free large-file transfers to streamline remote work collaboration.

2. Creating PPE

Now more than ever, hospitals and people across the world are in need of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks, gloves, thermometers, HAZMAT suits, and so forth. Companies that once sold garments and other objects are now employing workers to create necessary equipment for frontline workers like nurses and grocery store staff to help them stay healthy.

  • iPromo: This promotional products company is selling bulk thermometers, gloves, facemasks, suits, and other equipment to keep people safe.
  • New Balance: This popular athletic brand is now providing face masks to those representing medical facilities to keep front line workers protected.
  • Nike: The “Just Do It” company joins New Balance by manufacturing PPE face shields for frontline healthcare workers.

3. Distributing hand sanitizer

Besides staying home and quarantining, one of the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is by washing your hands. This has led to numerous companies creating and distributing hand sanitizer, free of charge.

  • Litchfield Distillery: This small-town distillery in western Connecticut with close proximity to New York is now producing hand sanitizer instead of spirits and offering curbside pickup.
  • LVMH: The parent company of luxury brands Dior and Givenchy are switching from perfumes and fragrances to hand sanitizer for French health authorities.
  • Shine Distillery: Along with spirits, this distillery in Portland, Oregon, is also creating and handing out hand sanitizer to keep people clean.

4. Giving out free food

Due to state lockdowns and social distancing laws, restaurants are closing, and grocery store lines are wrapping around the parking lot. However, this doesn’t mean chefs aren’t working their magic to help the greater good. Take a look at what some popular restaurants are doing to help others during these times:

  • Starbucks: Until the end of May, Starbucks is giving free tall iced or hot brewed coffee to healthcare workers and first responders. As of April 23rd, this coffee chain has given away over 1 million cups of free coffee to nurses, doctors, and other essential workers in the U.S. and Canada.
  • &Pizza: Staff, their immediate family, and healthcare workers with identification can enjoy free unlimited pizzas during the pandemic.
  • Everytable: To ensure communities in LA are receiving healthy, nutritious meals, this cafe has launched a helpline to keep people fed.

5. Supporting research

The only way out of this pandemic is a vaccine, and until then, not much can be done to completely prevent this virus from spreading. That’s why businesses across the world are donating millions of dollars to fund research to find a cure. These are just some of the countless companies who have donated to various organizations and research groups:
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Kering

We’re in this together

If there’s one thing to take away from this pandemic, it’s the fact that people from all walks of life are coming together to lend a helping hand. These five ways businesses are helping others during these difficult times merely scratch the surface of the inspiring acts of kindness people and businesses are taking.