hand sanitizer manufacturers

As we all know, Cornovirus has been spread everywhere and it affects every nation badly. The healthcare professionals advise to stay at home and wash your hands regularly to prevent this virus. Therefore, hand sanitizer has become basic amenities, these days. From kid to young, old to oldest, everyone is using it for their protection. 

Hand Sanitizers are of two types such as Alcohol-based and non-alcoholic. To prevent the Coronavirus effect, alcohol-based hand sanitizer is highly recommendable. This contains 60% alcohol or higher that is the best to kill various germs and viruses. Thus, hand sanitizer manufacturers prefer to make alcohol hand sanitizer rather than non-alcoholic. 

Wash your hand is the only way to keep yourself healthy and fit. As it helps to prevent the transmission of germs and bacteria from hand to mouth. If you are not near the bathroom or water and soap is not available nearby, use hand sanitizer to get better and effective results. It is also a highly recommendable product to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Are you looking for the best hand sanitizer? Do not worry, we have created a list of top 5 Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer Brands. Dr. J’s and Siruini are the popular ones and contain more than 75% alcohol. Let’s discuss others one by one:

1. Germ-X

Germ-x fresh citrus hand sanitizer is highly in demand. This desk-size sanitizer contains 62% ethyl alcohol formula 9-to-5 and beyond. It kills germs at the super-speedy speeds. The mixture of fresh-citrus scent and other moisturizing ingredients are highly useful to enhance the alcohol effects.

2. Purell

Purell is one of the well-known hand sanitizer brands. It offers various varieties of sanitizer. You can buy anyone according to your requirements. Currently, Purell Advanced is highly in demand. It contains 70 percent ethyl alcohol that works as an active ingredient. Purell contains the highest level of concentration among all other brands. 

3. Dr. Bronner's

It is also one of the popular sanitizer brands. People like its Lavender flavor the most. This is in the form of a spray which is easy to use as well. Its lavender scent has good effects as well. All of its ingredients are USDA-certified, are organic and vegan in nature. Moreover, it never tested on animals.

4. EO Hand Sanitizer Spray 6 Pack Sweet Orange

This sanitizer has 62% of alcohol that extracted from sugar cane.It also has plant-derived moisturizers, essential oils. All of this mixture helps to kill the germs and doesn’t harm the environment at any cost. The orange pure essential oil adds a subtle sweet scent.

5. Faber

Faber is a new name in the sanitizer industry. The clearly following WHO guidelines and make a sanitizer with 80% alcohol. Its bottle contains vintage look which clearly marks with “Do not drink” on the label. They also distributed this product to hospitals, police, fire departments and more Frontline those are working in the Pennsylvania region.

The pocketbook is also one of the old players in the market of hand sanitizer. Here, you can get various flavored sanitizers such as stress-reliever, cherry blossom, and blue ice, etc. 

How it works

Waterless hand sanitizer has several benefits as compared to washing with soap and water. However, they are not as much effective in terms of dirt, food, and other material visible on the hands. 

Benefits of waterless hand sanitizer:

  • less time consuming process than soap.
  • Acts quickly to kill germs and virus on hands
  • It is portable and easy to carry
  • Do not endorse antimicrobial confrontation
  • Less irritation to the skin
  • Help to improve your skin condition.
Nowadays, it is clear that hand sanitizer plays an integral role in everyone’s life. Instead of the above-mentioned brands, various other brands are also available in the market. Go and grab anyone according to your requirements, but do not forget to check its alcohol level.