In modern business, an email is an essential tool for communication. It is less intrusive than phone calls, smarter, faster, and most convenient. With this, an entrepreneur can run their businesses from anywhere. You can communicate with your clients and potential customers, make contact with your employees and business partners. You can use email tracking for Gmail to let you track the send email status.

Upon all these benefits, if your Gmail account is misused, it can obstruct productivity. According to research, many individuals spend a portion of their time reading and replying to emails.

It was further discovered that the most time taking activities for some individuals is emailing.

Do you know that a cluttered email inbox, packed up with unopened messages can frustrate you? Aside, it can stop you from maximizing your precious time and lose your focus on more important things.

To build proper email management, here are expert strategies on how to clean up Gmail account.

  1. Set a particular time for reading and replying to emails

Don't stay on your Gmail app all day long. You may tend to lose focus from workflow and become if you keep reacting to every beep from incoming mail. Possibly, switch off your cellphone to avoid distractions from unnecessary alerts.

The time needed for checking your emails and responding depends on how many messages you get. It could be about 20 minutes to an hour. Some individuals check their inbox only once a day - depending.

  1. Take action instantly

You can get proper management over your Gmail account when you take action immediately. Give immediate response where necessary, and delete what you don't need right away.

Look out for spams and promotional emails that are not important, delete them without any form of delay. Also, look out for messages that do not need you to reply, archive them or trash them without delay. If you do this regularly, you'll be able to evaluate your inbox better to see critical messages quicker and more efficiently.

Don't allow essential mails to stay inbox for days unattended to. This can only happen if you are on holiday or vacation. However, do your best to reply within 48 hours. Always reply as soon as you read any critical mail.

Note: if you are not able to compose an appropriate response immediately, let your sender know that you received their messages by acknowledging it. And let them know you'll reply within a short while. Swr a deadline and ensure to meet up with it.

  1. Organize your account using labels, categories and folders

Though several emails can get deleted by you, there are some other messages you would want to keep for the sake of business or reference. Emails allow users to mark messages with unique labels or group them into particular categories.

To keep this more organized, ensure to prioritize, sort and group messages to keep your inbox neat. When your inbox is well maintained, it will be easy to find a specific email when needed.

Before filing or grouping a message, make sure the subject line is searchable. If it is not in line with the content of the email, you can edit the subject before categorizing it.

  1. Unsubscribe from unimportant marketing emails

To know more about this, you can check this. However, marketing newsletters and adverts can fill your inbox burying the most important mails. Clean out the clutter.

Unsubscribe from getting messages from senders you no longer want to get their mails. To make this more comfortable for you, scroll down the particular mail, search for the unsubscribe link and click on it. Don't bore yourself with unwanted emails that add no value to you. Unsubscribe and create room for easy access to important ones.