Uncertainty over future travel, indefinite isolation and panic over availability of day to day resources is fast becoming a recipe for aggravation of mental stress and anxiety, ever since WHO has declared the Coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. For many of us who have not even been infected by the bug, these key pointers will help in erasing these negative thoughts in these uncertain times.

Start a new isolation ritual

Days spent in quarantine result in loads of extra time being available to do something different from your normal daily routine. A perfect way to reflect on the images and thoughts passing through the mind is by jotting them down in a diary for future reference. If you have been missing your daily dose of exercise, then begin by doing brisk walks within the boundaries of the house. Try and connect with friends every evening at a fixed time to keep the social clock running. Rekindling your skills of drawing and painting is another great hobby that will make you eagerly look forward to the next day.

Make use of online therapy

Trying times can raise anxiety levels to an unimaginable high during some periods. If things tend to go out of hand it is better to connect with your healthcare provider over a suitable platform to reach out for assistance. Not only this avoids undue exposure, but it also helps in maintaining social distancing, a vital weapon to keep the virus at bay. Your online therapist can provide you counselling by internet through email, video conferencing, WhatsApp, online chat or simply a phone call. Your therapy sessions won’t even break the bank as they are most cost-effective than in-person therapy. 

Opt for a free fitness regime

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, many apps have come to the forefront with freebies to help you stay in shape while stuck inside your home. Fitness companies are pouring out offers over unlimited periods, which include breathing exercises, yoga, stretching etc in recorded videos that stream throughout the day. For morning exercise freaks, live fitness sessions apps can be streamed live at fixed timings each day.

Play games together online

We can utilize our free time by playing games with our family and friends. If you check the play store app you will come across many multiplayer games like Scrabble, Bananagrams or Upwords which can be played with several players at one time. It has been proven that these games not only help the brain learn new skills but also help the brain exercise its muscles. You can take help from word generators to help you master the game.

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Reach out to friends

Next time you want to watch Netflix, install an extension through chrome and invite your friends to watch the video with you. Sync the video with all the participating friends and talk with each other in real-time by chatting about whatever you are watching.

A great way to take your mind of self-isolation is by hanging out digitally with pals for birthday parties, happy hours etc. Keep one thing in mind that being socially interactive can improve your health. So stay home, stay safe and use technology to stay sane.