Most all of us are experiencing the effects of the Coronavirus around the world. How we can continue to deal with this major catastrophe will remain to be seen. There are ways to remain safe from the disease and keep your family healthy.

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Fear over this pandemic can overwhelm children and adults. We are traveling on a road unknown with the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Schools are closing with our jobs on hold, as we must stay at home to stop the spread of the disease.

You can help reduce the problems associated with worrying over the pandemic. As adults, we must remain strong. Children need their parents in times like these to help them cope with the situation. They can’t comprehend what is going on. Spending time with the kids playing games and being by their side is most important.

Reassure your kids that everything will be fine. Be a role model for your children to let them see it will be okay by observing your actions. You can help your mental health by limiting news media exposure for everyone in the household. Be supportive with your children. Keeping a positive attitude about this disease will ensure your children won’t become frightened.

Stock Up on Supplies

Every household should have at least a couple of week’s supply of groceries. When they run low, head to the grocery store to purchase more to restock the pantry. You need to keep the family healthy with a great diet while the pandemic is going on.

Make sure you have plenty of prescription medications that other family members are currently taking. Juices and extra water should be part of the stockpile. Medicines to fight colds and the common flu should be a part of your plan.

Don’t Spread Infections

Avoid any close contact with people sick in your neighborhood. This is important when out in the public sector or going to the store. Cover your nose and mouth with tissue when coughing. Make sure to wash hands regularly. Teach your children to practice good hygiene. Try not to touch your eyes and face. Get plenty of sleep and remain active during this crisis.

Cleaning At Home

We can’t clean and sanitize everything. General house cleaning is a must when entire families are remaining home at the moment. Here are some other areas that need sanitized to reduce the chances of infection from any virus. Clean faucets and light switches to kill germs. Door handles need to be sprayed with a germ killer. Cell phones need sanitizing often.

Keep the laundry washed regularly. Laptop computers and keyboards need sanitizing from germs and bacteria. Floors need mopping with a sanitizing agent. Have some of the older children help with cleaning chores while out of school.

Clean the Vehicles

Be careful with cleaners on interior car surfaces. They can ruin upholstery when the chemicals are too harsh. General soap or liquid dish washing liquid can remove germs and viruses, including the coronavirus. The secret is vigorous scrubbing and wiping dry with a soft cloth.

Clean all areas inside the vehicle. Door handles outside the car need sanitizing. Some companies have started cleaning vehicles with this pandemic underway by using car sanitising. They use ozone gas applied with a machine that effectively removes viruses with a virucide detergent that cleans and sanitizes the interior. It was effective with killing HIV-1 and Swine flu epidemics. They believe it can kill the coronavirus infection that lives on surfaces for hours to days.

Check on Elderly Neighbors

This is an important humanity issue. Our older generation needs us to keep an eye on their well-being during this emergency. Make sure they had foods and medicines during this crisis. Ask them if they need anything the next time you go out to the store. Be sure they have heat and electricity inside the house for their own safety.

Stay Informed

We don’t have to keep up with the latest developments 24 hours a day. Listen to the news at times for periodic updates on what is going on out there with the epidemic. It will keep you up to date with current information to ensure your family remains safe.

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