Image by Anke Sundermeier from Pixabay 

For some people, humidifiers are unknown. However, it has various benefits and purposes that many people do not realize. Indeed, these humidifiers are uncommon but some homeowners rave about its capabilities. 

To understand why humidifiers are beneficial, we must take a deeper look at why it even exists. Room humidifiers have one goal. That is to help improve the air quality in the selected area. It can emit water vapors in the air to help increase the humidity. It can combat dry weather and alleviate several health issues such as sneezing, coughing, and headaches. 

Air humidifiers can suck the dry air out of the room. It can replace it with moist air that is better for the body. It can help alleviate dry skin and other related health issues. 

You can use the air humidifiers in both dry and cold weather. However, you can also use it all-year-round to help people who are sensitive to dry weather. It is beneficial for places and rooms with low air ventilation. Also, it can be used for rooms without windows or rooms in the basement or attic. 

Thus, here are the things to consider and take into consideration when searching for the right room humidifier: 


It is also important to consider the size of the humidifier. These products are rated for a coverage area in square footage. You must take measurements to know the correct room size that you wish to buy. For a small room, you can have models that are good for 700 square feet. 

If the humidifier is too large for your room, condensation will start to appear on the inside of your windows. In this type of environment, mildew and bacteria can start to appear. The capacity will appear on the packaging. However, you must not confuse it with moisture output that is oftentimes more than the water tank capacity. The water tank size is always a convenient decision. 


For some people, the noise of the room humidifier is a big issue. Indeed, this is something that you must take closely into account as you buy a humidifier. If your main goal is to acquire a quiet humidifier, then invest a little on a product that is specifically designed to reduce the noise levels. This is ideal if you plan to use the humidifier at nighttime as you sleep. 

Type of Humidifier

Humidifiers can add moisture in the air in various ways. It is also available in multiple types that can offer varying benefits and drawbacks. 

First, the cool mist humidifiers can disperse a room-temperature mist. Generally, it can cover larger areas. Moreover, it uses less electricity than other types of humidifiers. 

Second, the warm mist humidifiers use a heating element to heat the water. This can be released into your room as comfortable and warm moisture. It may use slightly more electricity versus other types of humidifiers since it can heat the water to boiling. However, the boiling process will kill the germs and other impurities before it can be released into the room. 

Finally, the ultrasonic humidifiers are products that are available in both the warm and cool mist types. They are also known as the quietest humidifier in the market. 

Ease of Use

You want a humidifier that is easy to move, whether it’s a floor model or table model. With the use of evaporative humidifiers, make sure that you check that the wick is economical and simple to replace. Determine how often do you have to replace it. It will vary depending on the model and how much you run the humidifier. Make sure to check for user-friendly controls and products with clear visible displayers of the humidity levels and settings.