Buying a good masticating juicer will require you to have a skill in decision making and of course help from experts in kitchen appliances. This is where people usually made mistakes, because, they thought that buying a masticating juicer can be achieved by one instinct alone. The result is a bad purchase and a waste of money.

Values Of A Masticating Juicer
· Powerful to operate - Masticating juicers are so powerful that they can cut off into pulps even frozen fruits and vegetables. The residue is a totally dried pulp, which will be contained in a different compartment. It can even be used to mine peanuts.

· Produces pure juice - Since the process doesn’t result in oxidation, the nutrients are retained with the yielded juice and give the consumer a completely nutritious juice.

· Very durable - The appliance is made of materials known for their durability. It is rustproof and will have a longer shelf life if properly maintained.

· Easier to maintain - Cleaning and complete maintenance are given the utmost priority in the design. It is also user friendly and storing it is easier.

· Retains nutrients for your consumption - Nutrients are not washed away during the process, leaving you with a satisfying juice, with full nutritional value.

· Operates silently - The appliance is designed to operate with less noise.

· Fairly priced - The price is fair enough, considering its features and functionality.

Choosing The Best Brand Name
· Manufacturer – This is involved knowing how many years the company existed and who they are dealing with. Is the brand name familiar to you and if they have a local distributor in the area. This is a good way, to make sure that spare parts are readily available and repairs will only take a short time.

· Power - Sometimes, you are so excited to drink your juice, only to see that it is not completely extracted. There are still bigger pulps, which means, it is not powerful enough to grind those fruits and vegetables.

· Make - It is important to take note of the materials it is being made. Good plastic material is better because it will not easily rust.

· Customer Service - This is equally important, so there is anyone, who can attend to your every complaint.
There are available slow juicers or cold press juicers, both in physical stores and online. You can choose which venue is comfortable for you. Some of the best products are to be found on this page cold press juicer reviewed.

Advantages Of A Masticating Juicer Over Other Types

The world is becoming healthy now a day’s. It’s because people are now aware that life is so short and food intake and lack of physical activities are the main reason, why people are dying at a very young age.

Since awareness spreads globally, people start to eat healthier foods and involve themselves in sports activities and physical exercises. One main food intake in every table now is juice, extracted from fruits and vegetables.

Types Of Juicers Available In The Market
1. The centrifugal Juicers - This type of juicer is modelled from washing machines on its spinning capability. You can just drop the fruit or the vegetable into the chute and a sharp cutting disk cut it into pulps. The juice is extracted by a very high-speed spinning. The machine is cheaper, but, it has some flows.

· There is a possibility of clogging as the pulps and the juice are concentrated in one area.

· The high-speed results in the oxidation process, which allows the removal of the much-needed nutrients.

· The yield has only a very short shelf life.

· It produced so much noise under operation.

· Not suitable for extracting juices from leafy vegetables and other hard fruits and vegetables.

2. Masticating juicer known also as slow juicers, cold press juicer is another option - It uses an auger that slowly rotates to grind up the fruit or the vegetable. The process then continues by pressing the pulp against a strainer, causing the juice to flows to a separate container. The dried pulp will be pushed towards another exit point for proper disposal. Because of the slow rotation, oxidation does not occur, which result in juice with the nutrients intact. The only setback is it’s a more expensive price.

3. Twin gear juicer - This is another good option, because of its efficiency. It will extract the maximum quantity of juice extract from the fruit or vegetable and the yield has a longer shelf life. The downside of this kitchen appliance is the fact that it’s more expensive than the other two.

Masticating juicers, like the other types, are a very important companion in every kitchen. It helps the chief to complete the task efficiently and at the same time, inexpensively. So, it’s all up to you, which of the three types fit your requirement.

Whether it is a budget masticating juicer or the best slow juicer you want, you can have them online. You can also have them in the leading hardware store and appliance centre in your area.