Around thirty-one states in the U.S.A have legalized medical marijuana. But in totality, the federal government does not approve its legality. Therefore, there has to be a good reason why medical cannabis is used for medicine. In fact, some diseases and symptoms are alleviated when patients take medicinal marijuana. They may even resort to weed edibles Canada.

1) Chronic Pain – Many marijuana doctors advise that medicinal marijuana may be ingested for relief of chronic pain. Marijuana is better than opiates, as it blocks the pain pathways in the nervous system through a disparate neurochemical signaling system. Marijuana and opiates may seem a good analgesic medication but in different ways.

2) Severe Nausea – For many years, medical marijuana has been proven to treat nausea and vomiting. It is even recommended to increase one’s appetite.

3) Severe Muscle Spasms – Conventional medications can be prescribed for this ailment, but they may cause drowsiness or weakness. Muscle spasms are when patients cannot move reflexively and resist stretching. But if patients take medical marijuana, such as weed edibles Canada, they find relief to what they are feeling.

4) Cancer – Medical marijuana helps people with cancer to suppress their vomiting, nausea, improve appetite, alleviate their pain and calm their anxiety.

5) Glaucoma – Recent studies may not show how exactly the cannabinoids minimize intraocular pressure. However, taking medical marijuana can reduce intraocular pressure for around four hours.

6) Multiple Sclerosis – Patients suffering from this illness may be relieved by taking medical marijuana to heal symptoms such as fatigue, depression, imbalance, tremors, and spasticity.

7) HIV and AIDS – Just like cancer patients, HIV or AIDS patients can have their appetite stimulated.

8) Crohn's Disease – Studies have proved that medicinal marijuana can alleviate symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders like Crohn's. The cannabinoids in marijuana will activate the CB2 receptor and minimize inflammation in the GI tract. It also minimizes pain and swelling.

9) ALS – The cannabinoids in marijuana will protect against glutamate toxicity. It’s really helpful as ALS causes excessive glutamate in the spinal fluid, brain tissue and serum on the afflicted. Medicinal marijuana can have a neuroprotective effect by lowering glutamate toxicity. Pain and spasms are controlled as well as appetite is enhanced.

Some skeptics may not approve of the legalization of medicinal marijuana, but some state governments have seen its effects. Patients will just need to keep in touch with their marijuana doctors and be prescribed with medical cannabis, probably in the form of weed edibles Canada.

How Weed Edibles Canada Can Treat Type 2 Diabetes

Contradictions have been derived regarding the usage of marijuana and its effects on people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. A research from a prominent school in the U.S. has been put together to analyze how marijuana can cure the illness.

According to their analysis, people who smoke marijuana have 30% lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes than non-smokers. Of course, these include those who choose to eat weed edibles Canada. The study proved that marijuana users can protect themselves against the disease.

· Smoking marijuana can possibly endanger your life. The American Lung Association insists that marijuana can lead to possible lung diseases. Just like smoking tobacco, marijuana smoke has toxins, which are dangerous to the lungs. Marijuana smokers get more tar than tobacco smokers as the smoke is held longer in the lungs.

· Habitual smokers can develop chronic pneumonia or bronchitis, as the drug can endanger their immune system. This makes it difficult for the body to fight infections. The marijuana smoke can paralyze the tiny hairs that brush bacteria out of the lungs, making them vulnerable to pneumonia.

· Smoking marijuana can damage the cells towards the lungs. It can trigger wheezing, coughing, phlegm, and even cause acute bronchitis.

· Adults who smoke weed can acquire air pockets in the chest just outside their lungs. Although evidence are still needed to prove this fact.

· A mold growing on marijuana called Aspergillus can possibly affect the lungs.

If you frequently smoke marijuana, then it may affect your respiratory condition than those who don’t smoke. So, it’s best to stay away from secondhand smoke, and even keep your children away from smokers.

If marijuana proves to be a great treatment for Type 2 diabetes, the next step is to study how to isolate the molecule for protection. This will mean a medicine to cure the illness and should be manufactured from cannabis Sativa with the exclusion of its dangerous effects. Weed edibles Canada may also be introduced, which can be eaten or combined with food.

Still, it is essential for one to maintain a normal weight, eat good food, and exercise regularly to prevent possible sickness, like Type 2 diabetes. It’s even suggested to eat more vegetables and fruits and doing away with processed food to be safe. Aside from treating Type 2 diabetes, you also ensure your heart is healthy, plus a variety of illnesses are kept away.

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