Control transformer and isolation transformer are used for maintaining constant stability during an overload. They are also known as "industrial control transformers or power control transformers." The voltage in these transformers is basically 24 volts.

While replacing a control transformer, lessening the voltage to 2v volts will help it to replace easily.

VA rating of the control transformer

VA rating is important for any transformer because it should not cross the VA rating. Select the best transformer when you are trying to replace it. Every coil on the transformer will have a VA rating on it. When changing a transformer leaving someplace inside is better for future purposes if you add something in the control circuit.

Control transformer heating and cooling systems

There will be two types of thermostats in HVAC transformers. They are single thermostats, and there may be two thermostats. Using two thermostats, one can increase more consumption. Each of them will increase the power loading.

Thermostat terminations of the control transformer

Even though two thermostats consume high energy, they are good indicators. If you notice RH and RC, then there are two circuits.

Installing a control transformer:

1. Primarily, open the transformer and disconnect all the electrical connections.
2. Open the control box for accessing the power and control wiring;
3. Later, remove the accessory carton from the transformer;
4. Organize the transformer to the metal sheet bracket;
5. Also, remove the fuse box from the bottom of the control box;
6. Then install the fuses in the control box;
7. Later, connect it to the transformer;
8. Then, check whether the transformer is working or not.

Overloading effect of the control transformer

When a transformer overloads, it means it's getting more heat, and it means its life will be reduced if it gets overheated.

Advantages of control transformers

1. Its terminal design helps for easy hook-up and installation of fuse clips.
2. The optional removable finger-safe terminal covers available on all units up to and including 1500VA.

3. Custom injection molded coil cover with its unique "fin-shaped" design combines the superior cooling properties.