The best way to buy something is to first know, why you want to have it. Second, you need to determine the best brands there is in the market, to make sure that you are buying the best there is. You can read reviews and get input from online or friends who are into the industry. It is the same, when you want to buy a Free Standing punching bag.

Popular Brands Of Free Standing Punching Bags

· The Everlast - This brand has been in the industry for a long time. They are a name to reckon with in the boxing gloves industry and later on expanded their venture, to include many more sports equipments. They have the reputation for durability, quality and cost efficiency.

· Century - This is a younger brand founded by Michael Dillard. It became popular in a very short time and become a popular name in the martial arts world. It is not surprising to see century sports gear in every gym.

· Ringside - The youngest among the three, this brand is known for its unique design. It’s old style blend with contemporary. They are focus more on boxing gloves and punching bags, which are also being used by some known professional boxers.

Free Standing Punching Bags Will Benefit You With

· Strike anywhere - Being a free standing will give you enough flexibility. This equipment can strike anywhere you are comfortable of doing it. You can do it in the kitchen, bedroom, living room or outdoor too.

· Non- Damaging - Here, the worry of damaging your ceiling does not exist. You don’t have to drill in your ceiling and hang your 100 lb bag in it. These free standing bags are stable enough, because, they are fitted with heavy base to keep it stable.

· These are cheaper - For beginners, this is a good start. It’s not only cost-efficient, but, convenient to use as well.

· Have a complete access - The free standing punching bag can be access in every direction. You can device a drill that can attack in different direction.

· Has a good storage capability - Because this bag is portable, you can hide this anywhere you want to. You don’t have to worry this blocking the passage ways, because, you can easily move it in the sides.

Free standing bags are a good choice for a low price. Not only that, you can complete your health and fitness regimen in a convenient way. 

All About Free Standing Bags

Freestanding bags are a popular choice for most sports practitioners from the professional to amateur sides. This is because of the comfort, stability and convenience that it brings to the user. Aside from the things mentioned above, there are also the benefits of using one. This article also serves as an in-depth guide in choosing your free standing bag.

Your Free Standing Bag Comes In Several Types

· Traditional punch and kick bags - These are sometimes called the striking bags. This is a good option, because of its stability, which can absorb kicks and punch while standing. This punching bag is good to enhance your punching and kicking skills, developing strength and power. The bag has a heavy base to withstand all the punishment you can offer it.

· Hybrid bags - This is a multi-purpose bag that is good for developing your kicks, punches, knee shots and grappling skills. This bag has handles in the bottom and the top. The based can be filled up with anything, from water to sands and etc.

· Reflex bags . These bags are good to develop the person’s speed and footwork in shadow fighting, pivoting and many other fighting techniques. This bag has a small landing surface for your punches, but, it has aggressiveness in developing your reflexes.

These are just some of the types of free stand punching bags in the market.

Some of the Best Free Standing Punching Bags

1. Century Bob XL - It is highly rated and provides an excellent fight simulation to the user. It also offers an adjustable size for a perfect practice.

2. The Wavemaster XXL - This bag is cost efficient and offers versatility. It is made of good quality foam that is of high density. It is also a very stable punching bag, because, it has no spring that makes it stable and it also will develop your kicking capability and a good workout companion.

3. The Ringside elite - Considered as the most stable among the free stand punching bags. It has a larger landing surface for everyone’s punch. The foam has a good absorbing capability. The base has 270 lbs base. It has the strength to withstand the strongest kicks and punches.

4. Versys Fight Simulator - This bag is always use by MMA professionals. It is light enough that makes you capable of grappling, with its 2 handles.

5. Century Cardio Wavemaster - This one is a kick boxer’s choice. Ideal for cardio exercises and is a perfect companion to develop your speed. It is also adjustable to its height.

Your freestanding bags are easy to handle, yet a tough companion in your fitness journey.