Most people would suggest that it is a good idea to remove all your jewelries including earrings before retiring to bed. However, one can’t help but admit that the process of removing earrings each day before getting ready to sleep and wearing them back when you wake up may seem tedious and unessential. 

On the other hand, sleeping with earrings on has its own set of risks which can not only interrupt your sleep but can also cause irritation to your skin. We have therefore come up with a number of ways in this sleep blog which can help you sleep in earrings comfortably.

1) Choose an Appropriate Pillow

Though it goes without saying that one should invest in a plushy and soft pillow to achieve a good night’s sleep, you can also opt for pillows that can especially help you sleep with earrings on. You can choose from a range of special pillows such as earhole pillows, ear infection pillow or horseshoe pillows. These pillows can be particularly comfortable as they make sure that your ear isn’t under much stress while asleep.

2) Sleeping on your Back

Among all the possible sleeping positions that you can opt for, sleeping on your back is most widely considered the best. This position doesn’t allow your ears to receive any pressure that they might otherwise be under if you opt to sleep facing down or by lying on your sides. This prevents your neck from being pricked by the back of the earrings which may interrupt your sleep or cause rashes and avoids back pain as well.

Though some people might not be habituated to be sleeping in this position, cultivating the habit can prove beneficial in the long run as it prevents premature wrinkling of skin, helps against sinus buildup and has a number other benefits. 

3) Use Suitable Earring Stoppers

It is highly advisable to use special earring backs to prevent your skin against the aforementioned pricking caused by the sharp earring backs. These small clasps made of silicone or rubber with their flat ends can prove miraculous in preventing the pointy earring ends from stabbing your skin. Wearing a screw earring also prevents against contact against skin and secures them against falling off while sleeping.

4) Take Care of your Hair

One of the most prominent discomforts faced by people sleeping with earrings on is the entangling of their hair with the earrings. Apart from damaging your hair and earring in the process, it can also cause disturbance in the sleep due to pain caused by the strained ear muscles. Therefore, to prevent such occurrences one must tie their hair before retiring to bed, preferably using fabric bands or a silk scarf. Another way to avoid any such tangling is to wear a sleep cap which additionally helps reduce dryness and prevents against friction and split ends.

5) Sleeper Earrings for Newly-Pierced Ears

For those readers wondering how to sleep with newly pierced ears, the use of sleeper earrings is highly recommended. Due to their circular shape and securing clips they form an excellent alternative for newly pierced earlobes. It is key that sleeper earrings made of gold, silver, or surgical steel are worn until the piercings are completely healed to minimize the risk of allergic reaction.

Apart from the use of such earrings, it is advisable to follow these additional steps before sleeping with newly pierced ears:

    • It goes without saying that one should by all means avoid sleeping on the same side of the piercing as it may inflict pain upon the pierced ear and slow the healing process. It is therefore essential to use special pillows or sleeping on your back to avoid aggravating the wound.
    • It is absolutely must to properly clean the newly pierced ears before and after sleeping so as to prevent against any potential infection. One can employ an antibacterial soap, neosporin, rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol to aid in the process. Apart from taking care of the piercings one must also use properly washed bed sheets and pillow covers.


    The tips mentioned above are some of the most crucial steps that one needs to follow before going to sleep with earrings or with newly pierced ears. It is however advisable to avoid wearing heavy earrings to the bed or the ones with sharp ends as they might interrupt your sleep.