1. How To Visit Vietnam

Everyone needs a visa for Vietnam. It is valid for 28 days from the date you indicate you will arrive in the country. To enter by land you need to apply for a visa at an embassy. No ticket or hotel reservations required. For those who arrive by plane, you can do it through the Embassy or through a website that makes a Visa that is validated at the airport. Let's take your Vietnam visa in Hongkong and make a wonderful journey in Vietnam.

2. Best Time To Travel To Vietnam

It all depends on where you go, as the rains are divided into two seasons. From April to October, it rains in the north and south (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh) and the central region (Hoi An) is from September to December, sometimes still January. We went in January to make it across the country, as the monsoons in Vietnam are very heavy and coincide with the typhoon season between August and November. See the post with the Complete Guide to Asia's Monsoons 

3. Language And Communication

In the main cities where we went, English is well spoken in the general trade. But go with an open mind to make yourself understood. 

4. Transport In Vietnam: How To Arrive And Walk From Country

Vietnam is a cheap travel country if you are not in such a hurry. Flights and trains cost the same price. Some people prefer to buy motorcycles in a part of the country, go through it and resell the bike. 

This is very common and worth it for those who want to travel with time and stopping when they want. The most convenient and cheapest option is Open Bus, the bus that has a flat fare to cross the country with predetermined stops, but with open dates. 

You pay the full fare (between $ 30 and $ 40) and set the date you want to take the bus to the next destination along the way. See more about buying the bike and how to schedule Open Bus in the post Traveling by Bus in Vietnam: Open Bus from North to South

5. Money / Card / Paypal

Vietnam's money is Dong. Take the only dollar. The exchange is made in exchange offices in the main cities or at banks. We have chosen to withdraw money from our Travel Money at the ATM. Everything costs very cheap there, so make a conversion on the day and exchange a maximum of $ 200 at a time. The card is not widely accepted in the country and never use Paypal. Vietnam is famous for Paypal scams and if your account is accessed there, it will probably be locked out for indefinite verification. See post How much it costs to travel across Asia, Europe and South America

6. Extra Tips

  • Negotiate everything! Don't be shy about trading to the limit of exhaustion.
  • Be wary of products, brands and even stores. Most are fake.
  • Beware of taxi drivers. They have a bad reputation for overcharging, extra turns, etc.
  • If you are buying a motorcycle, make sure your health insurance covers possible accidents.
  • If you're going to have some clothes or shoes made in Hoi An, take photos and even models to explain in as much detail as possible what I flew.