Locksmiths are one of the highly demanded skilled professionals, mainly because of the many things they do to help someone in an emergency. Similar to any profession, locksmithing has several categories. Locksmiths obtain training and practice in their area of interest. But it is a common perception that a locksmith is someone who knows his way around a lock and can fix it properly. There are a few locksmith businesses that offer a range of locksmith services like this Toronto locksmith that covers all these kinds of locksmith services, and they can help everyone.  

In the early days, one didn't require education or professional training to become a locksmith. But with such technological advancement and the invention of new gadgets and safety systems, the complexity and the various categories of this profession have only increased. So before looking for a Locksmith in San Francisco, understand that a locksmith can not fix or get along with all types of locking situations. To save your time and energy, let's discuss in detail the five kinds of locksmiths. 

1. Residential Locksmith

Here's the most common type of locksmith. These are your go-to guys when you have locked yourself out of the house. Anything related to locks within the vicinity of your home, including garages, comes under the category of residential locksmiths. Many of them also work in collaboration with real estate agents, construction companies, etc., and Locksmith San Francisco offers their services if the door and window locks of apartments and houses need to be either replaced or repaired before the new tenants move in. 

Primarily their job is to fix the window and door locks, provide a detailed insight about the best locking mechanisms, ensure that a residential property is safe, suggest the best locks available on the market currently, etc. So if you need help with any of the services mentioned above, ask for a residential locksmith when you contact a professional locksmith company. 

2. Automotive Locksmith

As the name implies, automotive locksmiths administer working with and fixing the locks of automobiles such as cars and trucks. They are of great help when someone locks themselves out of the vehicle. On-the-spot cutting of the keys and providing duplicate keys to open the locked doors of the car, making special keys such as transponder or programmer keys instantly are some of the most common responsibilities of an automotive locksmith. Apart from that, they are also trained in changing and repairing a car or truck's auto-ignition switch. Automotive locksmiths have the relevant skills and expertise to open locks of a car without causing any damage to the window or the door of a car. 

3. Commercial Locksmith

Commercial spaces and offices require diverse levels of security. People working with locks and security devices in office buildings are commercial locksmiths. They understand all the different levels of security that each door, entry, and exits of a commercial building require and work accordingly. Commercial buildings usually prefer and use the latest and most advanced security systems for various insurance reasons and to meet the Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) regulations. 

In some cases, commercial locksmiths are also responsible for providing required access to the employees around the commercial building. They also provide detailed information about specific locks and security systems required for different types of doors and emergency exits of the building. Check here for more info https://matrixlocksmith.ca/service-area/brampton-locksmith/.

4. Safe Locksmith

With a progressed demand for safes and other safety gadgets in both residential and commercial buildings, the need for safe locksmiths has also been increasing lately. Right from the installation of safes and other safety devices and gadgets, fixing the electronic keypads and other parts, upgrading the equipment altogether are some of the primary responsibilities of a safe locksmith. 

This category of locksmiths requires superior knowledge and expertise about the latest security gadgets, etc. So if you're thinking of upgrading your home security to the next level by installing a safety system, you should be looking for these guys. Remember, it's always good to rely on an expert when it comes to a safe locksmith, as the installation process is time-consuming and complicated. 

5. Forensic Locksmith

While no job of the locksmith's category is easy, the forensic locksmith is usually known to be the most crucial. These locksmiths work at the crime scenes, identifying and investigating the ways how a specific security system, safe or a lock has been tampered or broken. Forensic locksmiths carry a special set of technical tools that other locksmiths can not get their hands on or know how to use. 

Even forensic locksmiths can use such advanced technical tools only when required and not whenever they want to. Their job also includes collecting and preserving evidence at the crime scene. The various techniques to find out the mode of entry at any crime scene includes microscopic examination, microphotography, etc. Based on the condition of the lock or safe, forensic locksmiths examine and find out whether it was a covert entry or a destructive entry. 

These are the five kinds of locksmiths and the various categories of locksmithing. It's always better to understand your requirements before searching for a locksmith. Also, ensure whether the locksmith has obtained the required certification and registration before hiring him. Looking for the right type of locksmith can save you a lot of time.

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