Then you want to start chipping away at your favorite coffee shop on the screenplay, but lugging around your machine isn't ideal. No worries: then bring your phone or tablet, and one of those keyboards. 

These ultra portable keyboards won't give you the total desktop typing experience, particularly if you're using them with a tiny screen on your phone. But if you don't want to carry along a full size laptop, they're a perfect addition to your bag for quick, precise text entry on the go. Rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth connections will minimize your load, and standardized layouts mean that you don't need to force your muscle memory to adjust to new keys. We've chosen the best choices for a traditional full-size keyboard, the best one that folds down into a super-compact travel mode, the best one with a fold-out stand for general phones and tablets, and the best one for iPad users. 

The Best General Mobile Keyboard: Goldtouch Go!2 Mobile Keyboard

Sleek, slim and lightweight, the Goldtouch Go!2 Mobile Keyboard is the perfect work and travel companion for the on-the-go worker. Unlike other travel ergonomic keyboards, which sacrifice comfort for convenience, the Goldtouch Go!2 Mobile Keyboards feature full-sized keys that are silent, fast and responsive.

The Best Compact Mobile Keyboard: Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

Microsoft has recently been dabbling in lightweight keys, but this folding layout is a real winner. The Universal Foldable Keyboard manages to fit a full-sized six-row configuration into a box of less than six inches wide and five inches tall when folded, built loosely off of the form covers for Surface tablets but with a vertical break in the center so it can be folded over like a pocket. That should be tiny enough for even the tiniest of bags to disappear unnoticed, or even a very large pocket. 

The Best Mobile Keyboard For iPads: Logitech Slim Folio for iPad

Apple's official iPad keyboards are ridiculously overpriced, and to be frank, the company's style has been swaying far too far into the shape-function equation's "form" hand lately. The core is a laptop-style mouse, but the package also contains a pretty tough case throughout the device, along with an Apple Pencil slot if you need it. The keyboard has six full rows and, due to its Low Energy Bluetooth module, only needs a battery replacement once every four years (with watch-style coin batteries). The case is intended for full time usage, but search elsewhere on this page if you want something that lets you easily remove the device. But it's the clear choice at just around half the size of Apple's standard keyboard case with a great typing experience. 

The Best Mobile Keyboard With Integrated Stand: Nulaxy KM12

With a built-in stand for phones and tablets, we pored through quite a few keyboard styles. Those with little grooves are too fragile, dito for fold-out films, slipping trays lack reliable support for heavy tablets, and it is too easy to lose detachable kickstands. This modest Nulaxy layout fits the bill for someone wanting a common help keyboard and a built-in viewing platform. 

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