New Product Launch Event Ideas

As with other people, the first impression is often the only thing people will remember with many different aspects of life. Launching a product is one of those tricky situations where you need to visibly position it on today'sor else it can end up a complete fiasco. And if your company plans to offer a new product, what could be a better way to introduce your clients to it than gathering them at an event? Dealing with business at a social event is more casual, and people become more relaxed and open to new ideas. You offer your clients a whole experience instead of a plain business presentation, which they will appreciate. For an event to be successful, numerous factors must be considered, so let’s dive in!

Understand the complexity!

Dealing with people can be stressful enough, but dealing with teams that ought to be perfectly coordinated brings another level of stress! You’ve probably at least once been part of an event where the catering was late, or a sound system wasn’t operating correctly. Try to remember what your impression was upon leaving. You don’t want people to leave your event feeling something was missing or to hear comments while mingling with the organization. From choosing a venue to seating arrangements, food delivery, wardrobe system, and music, so many details can be crucial. 

Making a list can surely help, but if you’ve never dealt with this, opting for an event management company to help you with the vision and organization of tasks is highly recommended. If you’re worried about your budget and this item seems too expensive, remember that such companies can actually help you reduce cost! They are experienced and deal with events daily, so they’ll have a whole spectrum of potential threats, and the same goes for solutions. They have established relations with the best vendors and restaurants, and furthermore, most will get you a great deal on price because of their previous (and future) cooperation. 

It all starts with an idea (and final budget)

Before booking anything, estimate the maximum funds you can dedicate to realize this event. Sticking to a budget can be challenging, especially when dealing with items one step at a time. We’re not saying this is wrong, but simply that if you don’t calculate all the possible costs, you won’t be able to create a realistic vision. Leave for a contingency plan for the unfortunate turn of events (five to fifteen percent of total cost), but put it in the starting equation instead of having to go over budget! 

Leave enough time for planning and consulting, as the offers will be higher if you seem desperate, searching for a venue or a service for some time this week or ASAP. Since we’re discussing a product launch event, you shouldn’t be in a hurry! Leave at least a couple of months for the best results! Only then will you be able to reason and find a combination that will make your event upscale and your guests want to spread the word about the product. Above all, that is the main goal, right? 

The main structure of the event

Create some specific goals and divide them into smaller tasks. Think of the concept of the event and how you want to present yourself. Decide the duration and separate it into formal and informal segments. People love mixing business and pleasure, so a presentation followed by a cocktail party always sounds attractive! Choosing a reliable venue can help deal with many issues while planning and realizing an event. For example, if selected in the right place, you won’t have to be bothered with parking or wardrobe. 

Ensure there is no backing out, and sign agreements with all the parties involved, including your vendor. This will prevent most last-minute changes and provide guarantees so you can focus on details, such as seating arrangement, music, and decorations! By the venue, set a clear limit for the number of people in order not to overcrowd it! Put your partners and target group on top of the list, and ask guests to RSVP. You don’t want it half-empty, either! 

Create a unique experience.

Your company has a particular reputation, and you should use this event to reestablish it. Think of what you offer your clients professionally, and try to make this event resemble those standards. Possibilities are endless, and you can be creative in the event format. Organize a brainstorming session with your team (and preferably experts in event planning) so you can find a connection between your target group and the product. 

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, and consider everything; perhaps you need a theme party with a dress code! The only thing that matters is to provide your guests with a unique experience that night, which will make them remember why they chose you in the first place!

The devil is in the detail.

The most minor aspects are often overlooked as people are dealing with more significant issues. Remember that exceeding people’s expectations in ordinary things shows you’ve actually thought of their comfort. No line at the entrance, proper organization of seats, and a gift bag for when they’re leaving can make a long-lasting impact.

A further tip - dedicate a section for something unusual and provide several fun activities. For example, you can rent a photo booth with accessories or several arcade games to lighten up everyone’s mood! Or create a contest in the form of group activities!

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The more the product is essential to you, the more pressure you’ll feel, but the only solution is a good organization. Divide the roles in your team and deal with any problems without overthinking. For your sanity’s sake, create backup plans for every item on the agenda. Double-check all the technology and be prepared to dedicate that night to your guests only! Depending on the product, think creatively in terms of offering samples. And the most important thing is to is to be a part of the atmosphere, even if the event isn’t 100% what you’ve imagined!