Conference Attendance

One of the essential criteria for measuring any conference's success is its attendance level. It goes without saying that it is equally vital for the meetings and the rest of the event-planning industry.

The ability of the attendees to retain information can be curtailed if a conference fails to generate engagement. The people's attention span is notoriously limited; therefore, if proper planning is not followed, businesses can fall for information overload.

Additionally, the digital era is marked by a culture of participation where the content is generated both by the audiences and for the audiences.

So here are some tips that will assist businesses in creating an engaging experience while organizing their conferences. Just take a look.

  • Ask Audience What They Need – You should ask the audience what they need. People always like it when they are asked to opine about something. This way, they feel like part of something. You can conduct a pre-conference survey to be apprised about what kinds of activities the potential attendees like. You should also ask your audience to rate the Conference as it approaches the end. This way, you can get a better idea of what people want.
  • Design the Conference in a Way to Avoid Overload – You should not let the conference planning be wasted and organize programs so there is a break or time gap between the heavy sessions. The keynotes often appear towards the end of the Conference, but planning the information processing earlier in the day is better. This is because the audience will likely be more accepting and alert during the period. This method is most impactful when the event lasts for a few days.
  • Go for Easy Online Registration – One of the simplest ways to achieve maximum attendees for any conference is to make the event registration super easy. Such software can be customized to let every registrant select their own adventure. You should also design the registration form to resemble your event brand and not look like a cheap invitation. Otherwise, your potential registrant can think your site has a bad link. The other features that can assist you and the registrant include –
1. A Clear Itinerary
2. Easier Payment Options
2. CRM or Membership Validation
Easy Online Registration
  • Go Creative with the Breaks – The usual understanding in the event industry planning is that breaks equal time off. But they need to be planned to increase the conference attendees' engagement. Breaks do not interrupt, but instead, they are a continuation of the overall mission of the event. So be creative and include the team-building activities. This ranges from bike riding to short walks and even short meditation sessions. You can also ask attendees to write on the gratitude wall.
  • Make the Speakers Promote Your Event – This is known as influencer or influencer marketing. If you have some well-known people to speak at the Conference, then they can assist you in gaining medium to large groups of social media followers. You can ask them to promote the event and post your event on a variety of social media channels often.
  • Design Your Conference for Participation – Usually, participation is a task for the committees, speakers, or the conference management team. But to enhance the conference attendee engagement, it must be extended to the attendees. For that, you should use surveys and live polls and try to collect the data during, before, and after the Conference using event apps and social media.
  • Offer Networking Opportunities – Regardless of whether there is a chance to discuss the event or it is entirely career-driven, most attendees can get an opportunity to network during a conference or an event. So, if you include a time in the agenda for events like post-event drinks or a meet or greet, you are much more inclined towards getting a great turnout.
  • Go for Follow-ups – No matter how great your Conference is, people will forget about it. That is why you must regularly email and follow up with the attendees out throughout the year. Here are ideas for you –
1. Invite them to a special Facebook group for conversation about the event
2. Send videos and recordings about the events of the speakers
3. Send PRs, guest blogs or articles covering the conference
4. Send a survey regarding the conference asking about their opinion
5. Send online courses that you developed because of the conference

The above are some of the ways to boost conference attendance. Apart from the above, you should also ensure that you present the perfect d├ęcor with conference chair hire so that your attendees don’t get disappointed with the conference's ambiance and get the exact feel they were promised.