Promotional Giveaways

Promotional marketing boosts the outreach of your business, making it more recognizable. This concept of spreading the word about a brand or company has been there for decades. By distributing branded, useful items, you make people familiar with your business. However, simply flooding the community with freebies featuring your brand's logo isn't going to give any fruitful results. 

People tend to throw out the promotional items they don't want or don't consider useful. Thus, a giveaway is only valuable to you if it provides a good return on the investment. For this, you need to choose items that are useful for clients or customers. Here are the five promotional giveaways you can consider to promote your brand in the next event, conference, or trade fair-

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Today, everyone is trying to live a healthy and fruitful life. So, if you are searching for giveaways to garner brand recognition, promotional products that promote an active lifestyle are worth considering. Water bottles are a useful item to give away. Or, you can go a step further to choose a shaker. It is a perfect choice for health and fitness clubs or to kick start a lifestyle challenge at the office. 

Besides, fitness trackers, sports duffle bags, small first aid kits, workout towels, pill organizers, etc. are great choices. Add your company's logo on any of these promotional products and help your staff or customers to live a healthy life.

Use Wearables And Apparel As Promotional Gifts

Brands that use wearables such as t-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, custom lanyards, etc. are recalled a lot. So, choose the best promotional swag for your company and make the most out of your event ort tradeshow incentive. 

Unlike other tech items, useful promotional things shirts never go out of style. All you need to do is to choose classic colors like black, navy, or white for the apparel. 

If you are going to promote your brand through lanyards or wrist bands, keep it simple and clear. Use your brand's logo or company's name and select the best color contrast. Look for a manufacturer that uses fine quality material to create the products. You can consider 4inlanyards to get perfect professional lanyards for your business. 

Tech Gadgets Make Good Giveaways

Tech giveaways don't mean that you need to distribute smartphones as promotional items. What you can do is to give your clients and customers tech customized tech accessories to enhance smartphone usage. For example, a cellphone stand, or a holder. You can also consider cleaning wipes specially formulated for selfie sticks, earbuds, or other electronics. Some other examples of tech accessories people will appreciate include power banks, USB drives, mobile batteries, mouse pads, etc. 

Woe Your Clients With Some Unusual Freebies

If your business is family-oriented, or you are attending a trade fair or festival, give something unusual to your prospects to leave a lasting impression on their minds. You can give football, fidget spinners, kites, bubbles, water pistols, etc. Not only will the kids love these toys, but it will also bring a smile to the adults' faces. They will remember your company and the fun freebies. 

Apart from these items, you can consider giving pocket packs of tissues, colored pencils, shot glasses, playing cards, coloring books, sunscreen, beer steins, etc. 

Consider Promotional Items That Are Always Appreciated

When it comes to branded giveaways, some items never go out of style. One example of a classic freebie is a pen. Everyone needs a pen occasionally for signing a permission slip, or just jotting down a reminder. You can go for a stylus combination, mechanical pencil, or a highlighter. 

Tote bags are another popular giveaways. Just like people always need a pen, they also need tote bags for a lot of purposes. Consider reusable produce bags, nylon backpack, or a foldable bag that can be stashed in a purse. 

To Sum Up

Now you have a lot of ideas to choose the best promotional items to give away on a trade fair, charity event, or a place where you need to promote your brand. Consider giving useful freebies that would keep reminding the customers about your brand. 

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