air conditioning unit
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Air conditioning units are a fantastic feature to have in your home and they can bring great benefits to you - providing they are well looked after. With such a range of components and mechanisms, it’s vital that you understand the correct way to maintain your air conditioning unit. If particular parts of your air conditioner are not maintained properly, the efficiency and performance of your unit will decline. So, continue reading this article as we guide you through the tips we have for how to maintain your air conditioning unit.

How to maintain your filters

Let’s start with your air conditioning units filters - as they are arguably the most important feature that you need to maintain. The top and bottom of this task are that you need to routinely change or clean the filters in your unit. The issue with filters is that if they get dirty or clogged up, then they may be blocking the airflow from your air-con unit. The dirt that is on the filter can be carried towards the units evaporator coil, which can, in turn, lead to the heat-absorbing capacity of your air conditioning unit decrease. This of course means that it will be operating at a lower efficiency.

The filter on your wall mounted air conditioning unit will generally be located in the grill that is facing the room. Whether you need to replace your filter or you need to clean it, will probably depend on the make of your unit and the type of filter. You should be able to contact your provider or look in the manual to find out which type of filter you have. A simple search of the web should guide you towards some more information about the best ways that you can take care of the actual maintenance of your filters, but as a quick overview:
  • Remove the filter from the unit
  • Vacuum the filter
  • Put it in water
  • Spray with vinegar and water
  • Leave to dry

Cleaning the drains

Cleaning the drains on your air conditioner can be a very quick and easy way to make sure that it is performing up to scratch. This method is not quite as detailed and difficult as cleaning the filters, but can certainly have a great effect. If the drain channels on your air conditioning unit are clogged and dirty, they can affect how well your unit reduces humidity. The problem with this is that it can lead to excessive moisture being output from your air conditioner, this moisture can lead to discolouration on your walls or your carpet, so preventing this from happening is a benefit for your home in general. All that you need to do to resolve this issue is to locate the drain channels and run a stiff wire through them, which should bring off any excess dirt or dust. If you are unsure of where the drain is, make sure that you consult somebody who can tell you for sure, to ensure that you don’t do any damage to your air conditioner.

Air Conditioning Coils

Although we have already spoken about how cleaning your filter can keep dirt off your coils, over time, the coils on your air conditioning unit will still gather dust and dirt, it’s just natural. The same issues as with the filter can happen if the coil is not clean. You do not want your unit to lose the ability to absorb heat as it will make it run at lower performance, so keeping on top of cleaning your coils is a great habit. 

This issue can affect both the indoor and outdoor sections of your air conditioning unit. The issue that can arise outdoors is the fact that there is a lot of debris and things that can easily clog up your coils. This can be just simple things, such as if the area around your unit is dusty, then it can get clogged up with dust. If it is a garden area, then things such as falling leaves, grass trimmings and other natural things can make a difference to your air conditioning unit. So, if this is the case for you, then ensuring that the area around your outside unit is clean can be a vital step towards properly maintaining your sovereign air conditioning.

To stay on top of this job, you should check your coils and clean them once a year. Similarly to the filters, the detailed cleaning method should be easily obtainable online, but we’ll give you a brief overview:

  • Locate and remove the coil
  • Clean the coil with either
  • Commercial cleaner
  • Compressed air
  • Household cleaner

Rinse the coil or leave to dry naturally

As well as your coils, there are also coil fins that can become bent easily and can negatively affect the airflow from your air conditioning unit. These can be fixed by purchasing a “fin comb” which you should be able to find online, or through air conditioner retailers, and will simply comb the fins back into place.

Hiring a professional

Outside of all these important maintenance tips, there is of course the option of hiring a professional to help you clean and maintain your air conditioning unit. This may be a more expensive job, but you have the peace of mind that everything will be done 100% correctly and your unit can be tested to make sure it works fine - providing you choose a good engineer to do so. Also, check 12 Ways to Lower Air Conditioning Costs.